Rev. 8.7 EH&S Manual

Rev. 8.7 EH&S Manual

The EH&S Manual is now the ESH&Q Manual. Christina Krasche is in the process of making the universal change from EH&S to ESH&Q throughout the Manual.

Chapter 6160 Confined Space Entry and its appendices have been reviewed and updated by the author, John Kelly.

There are minor revisions to 6160, "Confined Space Entry," mostly for readability and to correct some potentially confusing text. Illustrations were updated, in part to depict apparatus and settings at JLab. There no changes to responsibilities and basic procedures. Revisions to 6160 T2, "Ventilated Entry Procedure" are limited to minor edits for clarification, removing verbiage redundant to the main chapter, and improved illustrations. There are no changes to procedures or responsibilities.

The remaining appendices were reviewed and no changes were needed at this time.


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