Revised Schedule for A/P and Travel Voucher Submission

Revised Schedule for A/P and Travel Voucher Submission

Dear Colleagues,

The number of last-minute invoices /expense reports submitted to Accounts Payable and Travel has been increasing significantly, and a recent review has shown that many of these late submissions could have been avoided. To aid in planning and assistance with voucher and invoice processing, Accounts Payable and Travel are revising submission and schedule guidelines so that invoices, expense reports and/or travel advance payment requests may be efficiently processed as soon as practicable and on a timely basis.

Effective immediately, all requests for payment must be submitted to Accounts Payable no later than forty-eight (48) hours or to Travel Services no later than five (5) business days prior to the due date.

Please keep in mind checks are printed on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. So, for example, if you need a check by Friday, the A/P invoice must be received in Accounting Services by the close of business on Wednesday. In the event of an emergency (i.e. a visitor changes their originally scheduled departure date on short notice), an accurately completed expense report, prepayment, or invoice must be received by the respective Accounting Department by 10 a.m. the day before the check run. If the 10 a.m. deadline cannot be met, the requester must coordinate with the Accounting Manager to advise as to the reason for the delay and to obtain approval. Approval is contingent upon the Accounting Manager's ability to make reasonable accommodations under the circumstances.

Travel and Finance staff are required to audit and to process vouchers for payment within 3-5 business days of receiving an accurately completed request. The accommodations set forth in this revised process will allow auditors to perform accurate audits, as necessary, while utilizing current resources and ensuring timely payment processing.


In an effort to establish greater efficiencies within the Lab, the "pink copies" of invoices will no longer be sent to the end user for signature approval through inter-company mail. Instead, a scanned copy of an invoice will be e-mailed for approval. If you have submitted a requisition for a repair, quality inspection or service, as always, we will need your approval in order to process the invoice for payment. E-mailing a scanned copy of the invoice for approval processing will:

  1. Expedite this process
  2. Provide a better tracking system
  3. Save time and money for all involved

Please forward your response with either "approved" or "disapproved" to the originator, (Valerie Stell), (Chandra Gilchrist), or Forwarding your response will ensure that the e-mail includes all attachments. This also will enable A/P to process vendor payments in a timely manner, meet the payment terms, take appropriate discounts and improve our credit rating with our vendors.

If you wish to charge a POA other than what is stated on the PO, please make sure you have signature authority for this request. JLab signature authorizations are maintained by the Budget Office in the on line ACM (Account Manager) system. ACM is updated as requested to reflect the most current authorization approvals. ACM is accessible to all employees at the following web site: The signature authorization policy can be found in the Administration Manual on line at

Thank you for your cooperation,

Joe Scarcello

Chief Financial Officer

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