Revised Security Signage Around Jefferson Lab

  • These new signs meet Department of Energy requirements.

These new signs meet Department of Energy requirements.

Revised Security Signage Going Up Around Jefferson Lab

In the next week, Jefferson Lab will begin installing revised legal notices at the entrances to Jefferson Lab Federal property. This includes the campus, Accelerator Site, and Central Material Storage Area. The security signs are larger; they are more easily read from the road; and the signs’ key features are highlighted by symbols. The new signs meet Department of Energy requirements and, like the old signs, will inform people of the use of recorded video and that vehicles and closed containers are subject to inspection.   

Like the old signs, the new signs will provide a list of prohibited items. Prohibited items include explosives, dangerous weapons, firearms, controlled substances, instruments or materials likely to produce substantial injury or damage, and other items prohibited under Title 41 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 102-74, Subpart C – Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct on Federal Property.

Questions about prohibited items or other security issues may be directed to Kris Burrows at x7548 or