Safety Portlet on INSIGHT Now Provides Direct Email Link to ESH&Q Associate Director

Do you have any suggestions, ideas or pertinent observations regarding Jefferson Lab’s environmental, safety, health or quality assurance programs?  Or, do you have a safety question or concern that you haven’t been able to get addressed?

If so, Mary Logue, Associate Director of Jefferson Lab’s Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality Division (ESH&Q) welcomes your input via the "Mail Mary" button located on the INSIGHT page.  This feature is located near the top of the JLab Safety Snapshot portlet. it is part of Logue’s ongoing efforts to encourage dialogue about the lab’s ESH&Q programs, and seeking ways to improve the lab’s “safety culture.”

In addition to suggestions, ideas and comments, Logue will also accept and respond to safety related questions and concerns.

She encourages individuals with work-related safety concerns to first consult with their supervisor, safety warden and/or division safety officer.  And she also urges members of the lab community with unresolved ES&H issues to share those concerns with representatives of the Worker Safety Committee.

“But,” Logue counters, “if you are uncomfortable with any of these processes, send me a direct email.”

She plans to respond to emails within 24 hours during normal business hours.

“However,” she reminds the lab community, “this email tool is for non-emergency, non-time-critical ESH&Q matters. As always, every employee has the right and is strongly encouraged to stop any work they feel may be unsafe. And, if you are presented with an emergency of any type, immediately call 911.”