Safety Recall on 2 Types of APC Surge Protectors

Consumer Product Safety Recall Notice on 2 Types of APC Surge Protectors: Action Required

This Product Safety Recall Notice is being sent on behalf of Jefferson Lab’s Environment, Safety, Health and Quality (EHS&Q) Division.

Everyone at Jefferson Lab, be advised:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued the recall of two (2) different types of American Power Conversion (APC) multi-plug surge protectors. The recall involves APC7 and APC8 series SurgeArrest surge protectors.

Jefferson Lab is known to have these recalled items, and is directing everyone to survey their area.  If you suspect that you have an APC7 or APC8 series surge protector, click on the link below for additional information and directions:

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Tina Johnson, ext. 7611 or Todd Kujawa, ext. 7006.