Security Awareness Reminders & Tips for the Jefferson Lab Community

Security Awareness Reminders & Tips for the Jefferson Lab Community

During the last few months, we have seen news reports informing the public of a general increase in threats and acts of violence in the United States. At this time, there are no known threats to the Department of Energy or Jefferson Lab.

However, it is recommended that all Jefferson Lab employees and associated workers be conscious of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity observed around lab facilities or on lab property.  If you See Something, Say Something by reporting it, regardless of how minor.  Call 269-5822 or 911 as appropriate.

Everyone should take this opportunity to familiarize themselves with their work areas’ evacuation plans and the JLab Emergency Response Procedures found at*.pdf

Heed these important security reminders:

  • Those individuals without a valid Jefferson Lab badge must enter CEBAF Center and the Support Service Building only through their main entrances.  There are receptionists at these two buildings to provide these individuals access during business hours; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  These individuals must sign in and out at the front desk of each building.
  • Entry into other buildings by those without a valid Jefferson Lab badge requires a Jefferson Lab escort.
  • Tailgating (following someone in a door without the use of a Jefferson Lab badge) is prohibited.  Be sure someone behind you swipes his/her badge.  Report any violators to security.
  • Keep your Jefferson Lab badge with you anytime while on Jefferson Lab property.  It is best to wear your badge so that it is clearly visible to others especially after hours, and on weekends and holidays.

Be watchful for and report the following or other unusual activities:

  • Unusual or prolonged interest in or attempts to gain information about security measures of personnel, entry points, peak days and hours of operation, and access controls such as alarms or locks.
  • Observation of firearms being carried on Jefferson Lab property.  As a reminder all firearms and other weapons are prohibited at Jefferson Lab.
  • Observation of suspicious tampering of gates, doors, windows, vehicles, or motor equipment at any time.
  • Individuals tampering with security or safety postings or changing warning signs during after hours, weekends, holidays and after dark. 

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