Sentara EAP Changes Its Name To Optima EAP

Sentara EAP Changes Its Name To Optima EAP

As you know, Sentara EAP is a subsidiary of Optima Health, a service of Sentara Healthcare. We have been a part of the Optima Family for more than 18 years and over the past 18 months, we have been working to integrate all processes within Optima Health to achieve maximum operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. As a result of early successes with this integration process, the final phase of the integration will occur by the end of June 2008. We are excited to announce that in this final phase Sentara EAP will adopt the Optima Health nomenclature and will be called Optima EAP.

Please be assured that this is a change in name only and there will be no change in personnel, our high quality service and expertise, exceptional products and services or the ease of how you do business with us. EAP remains a unique and defined division within Optima, however this integration allows us to better serve you and your employees.

We are in the process of printing new materials that will reflect our new name and look and I will provide you with a supply of these in the near future. I am enclosing a sample email text that you can send to your employees should you wish to announce the upcoming name change to them as well.

We do not require a new contract at this time. As you know, our EAP contracts are evergreen unless one of the parties makes a change to the benefit or pricing. This notification is sufficient for our records however, if you do require a new contract with the Optima EAP name prior to your renewal with Optima EAP, just let me know. You will also see that your invoices will be from and require payment to Optima EAP.

On behalf of Optima Health, thank you for your business. It is our privilege to continue to serve you and your employees.

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