Severe Weather Alert

Severe Weather Alert

Written on behalf of Craig R. Ferguson, Associate Director-ESH&Q:

The Severe Weather Team convened this morning to discuss the frozen precipitation outlook for JLab and the surrounding areas. The official forecasts are inconclusive at this time; we could see any combination of snow, sleet/freezing rain, and rain through today and into tonight. The Team will be monitoring conditions and approaching precipitation patterns throughout the day.

As the weather system enters the area, be aware that slippery conditions may develop on site. Facilities Management will work to keep roads and sidewalks clear. Please use sidewalks that have been cleared. Be cautious and aware of your footing at all times and use the sand provided at building entrances around campus for icy patches.

Subsequent all-JLab e-mail messages will be issued as conditions and predictions dictate. All Lab staff, users and contractors will be notified via the weather alert system (pagers, e-mail, web site) should it be necessary to alter the Lab operational status.

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