Severe Weather Update: JLab Remains in HPC-2 for Nor'easter & Hurricane

Severe Weather Update: JLab Remains in HPC-2 for Nor'easter & Hurricane

Jefferson Lab's Emergency Management Severe Weather Team continues monitoring the forecasts and conditions associated with the nor'easter pummeling the region with rain and wind, as well as the projected path of Hurricane Joaquin as it progresses north in the Atlantic Ocean.

The lab initiated Hurricane Preparedness Condition-Level Two (HPC-2) on Wednesday, Sept. 30 and remains in HPC-2.

Projections indicate that weather through Monday, Oct. 5 -- across the Mid-Atlantic region and Eastern Coast -- could be volatile as the nor'easter continues moving along the coast. There is the potential for heavy rain, significant inland flooding, significant coastal flooding, heavy surf and strong winds. The projected track for Hurricane Joaquin shows it slowly moving north and staying in the Atlantic east of the coast. At this time it appears that coastal and tidal flooding and heavy surf will cause the most impact from the hurricane.

Drive with caution as ponding can develop on roads and low areas could experience flooding. Visibility may be poor during heavy rain and when debris is blown about. With saturated soil conditions even moderate winds and gusts can cause trees to topple and block roads and cause electrical outages.

A few reminders:

--In the event of possible electricity outages over the weekend, it is suggested that no later than 5 p.m. today, individuals throw away perishable food in kitchenette refrigerators or take it home.

--Individuals with bikes in lab bike racks: Take your bike home or store it in your office. DON’T store bikes or other items in building stairwells.

--If you see leaks or other damage caused by the weather, please report it using the Facilities Management Work Request System.  Go to this page:

Click on the Work Request System button located on the left side of the page; then log in using your JLab user name and password.

--There are a number of ways the lab community is notified if the lab should close or have a delayed opening due to weather conditions. The memo including these communication methods and the policy statement regarding taking Emergency Leave due to Weather conditions is online at:

Regional weather information and radar are available from the National Weather Service station in Wakefield, Va., online at:

The current outlook on Hurricane Joaquin is posted on the NWS and National Hurricane Center webpages:  and

If you have questions or concerns, contact JLab’s Emergency Manager at 768-4030.

Updates will be sent out as necessary. 

This message was sent on behalf of the Jefferson Lab Emergency Management Team.