Shredding service offered for JLab documents, work papers on Aug. 29

The JLab document disposal vendor will be at the VARC (building 28) on Wednesday, Aug. 29, to shred JLab/JSA, LLC documents and working papers (non-records) that require shredding before disposal. Individuals with papers for shredding must visit VARC room 53 to gain access to the shredding collection bin. Only paper may be shredded, binders and plastic covers must be removed from the paper before it goes into the collection bin.

The bin has a limited capacity. Do not bring large quantities (multiple boxes) of documents and expect them to fit into the bin. This shredding service is only for JLab/JSA, LLC paperwork, not personal materials. For more information, shredding times, or for bulk shredding of larger amounts of paper, contact Mike Lewellen, ext. 7169, email .

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