Shutdown Housekeeping Reminders

Shutdown Housekeeping Reminders

Before you leave this evening, please make sure:

  • Your Radiation Badge is in its place in the badge racks.
  • If you won't be remotely accessing your personal computer over the
    holiday shutdown, please turn off your computer, monitor and unneeded
    peripherals. Copy machines that don't automatically shutdown may also be
    turned off in order to save electricity.
  • Do your time sheet per Jan Smith's email from this morning: Employee
    Timesheet Deadline.
  • Be sure coffee pots are turned off and preferably unplugged.
  • Please make sure all quick-spoiling food items have been removed from
    refrigerators and placed in kitchenette or restroom trash receptacles so
    Housekeeping can remove it tonight. Trash will be collected this evening.
  • Other than trash pick up in the ARC on Dec. 30 -- next Tuesday -- for
    commercial tenants, there will be no housekeeping services in any JLab
    buildings until the lab re-opens on Jan.5.
  • Have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

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