Over the past several months there have been concerns raised by customers of the JLAB Stockroom and newly implemented operational procedures that need to be addressed soon. In response I have established a working group to address the major concerns and issues and make recommendations which will hopefully lead to more effective and efficient Stock Room operations and significantly enhanced customer support. The group has identified 13 major areas concern. The individuals listed have volunteered to be the central points of contact responsible for identifying solutions to problems associated with each of the areas of concern. They will report and follow up on their findings in regularly scheduled meetings:

(1) Paper Work Processing - Danny Lloyd
(2) Catalogue Improvements - Bill Brisiel
(3) Contract Language to Support the New Operational Concepts - Tom Briggs
(4) Back up System and Computer Capabilities - Ed Folts
(5) Must Stock List Process and Adequacy of Included Items - Doug Tillis
(6) Customer Purchase Signature Authorities - Mark Waite
(7) Purchase Card use - Mark Waite
(8) Satellite Stock Rooms - Greg Arnold
(9) Stockroom pricing policies and procedures - Danny Lloyd
(10)Stock Room Access off duty hours - Heidi Fansler
(11) Required In Store Stocked Items - Doug Tillis
(12) Adding and Deleting Must Stock Items Process and Procedures - Bill Brisiel
(13) Lab Stock Room closure and its relation to JLWS Stock Room operations - Tom Briggs

If you would like to ask questions or provide input to this process in any of the listed areas please get in touch with the listed point of contact. As we work through the issues and develop good solutions we will publish them in frequent updates. Thank you all for bringing these issues to my attention.

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