Submit Missing Item Reports to Your Division Management Before Sending on to JLab Property Officer

Jefferson Lab's property custodian annual validation period ended April 6. Each custodian had to "validate" each item on his or her inventory list.

Property Policy Manual Section 3.16 states: If property cannot be located during the validation, custodians must (1) alert the property office by email ( and (2) prepare a Missing Item Report on each piece of missing property (including borrowed, user owned and property in the possession of subcontractors). The Report must be submitted, via their Division Management, to Jefferson Lab Property Office Tom Briggs mail stop 28 G.  The Missing Item Report form is available on the Property Management webpage; it must be then be routed through and signed by their Division Management.

Division Management shall investigate the loss and include the following elements in the report:

  • why property cannot be located,
  • actions taken to locate property
  • actions to prevent recurrence of loss.

The Missing Item Report with Division Management comments must then be forwarded or hand carried to:

Jefferson Lab Property Officer

Tom Briggs
Mail Stop 28G
Fax 269-5825

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