Successful 12 GeV Review

Successful 12 GeV Review

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to report that the External Independent Review (EIR), in support of OECM's validation of CD-2 Approved Performance Baseline for the 12 GeV Upgrade Project, was a great success.

The EIR team stated in its closing briefing, "It is highly likely that the project can be successfully executed once the baseline is validated." This validation of the proposed cost, scope and schedule baseline will be completed after a short list of action items is addressed. Consequently, I expect DOE approval of CD-2 for the 12 GeV Upgrade before the end of this calendar year.

The reviewers found the following:

  • the preliminary design to be fully adequate for a CD-2 baseline;
  • the detailed cost estimates to be reasonable and supportable;
  • the utilization of resources to be well managed and efficient;
  • the schedules to be achievable, and;
  • the risks to be few, and the mitigation plans and tracking systems to be in place.

Instrumental to the success of this review was the effort by the 12 GeV Project organization to develop and provide excellent supporting documentation to the EIR team. This allowed the reviewers to fully assess project performance.

The entire project team, and particularly the Cost Account Managers who carried the responsibility for presenting the cost, schedule and technical performance of their project system, are to be saluted for this outstanding achievement. I also want to recognize the contribution of staff throughout the Lab who supported the project team in preparing for and executing this review. The EIR team was highly complimentary of the Lab's qualified and capable project team and the staff's extensive experience with the project's core technology. The EIR team also expressed appreciation for the excellent logistical support it received throughout the week that made its work at the Lab much easier. Those who worked so intensely to successfully meet this critical milestone have demonstrated outstanding stewardship and a strong commitment to the future of this research facility.

It has been a long road to bring the 12 GeV project to this critical milestone. I congratulate the managers, staff and users who have devoted their energies to moving us toward an outstanding scientific future.


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