SURA statement on completion of the acquisition of CSC's Applied Technology Division by PAE

SURA statement on completion of the acquisition of CSC's Applied Technology Division by PAE.

On Friday, July 19, 2013, PAE completed the acquisition of CSC’s Applied Technology Division. CSC/AT has been SURA’s partner in Jefferson Science Associates, LLC, (JSA) since our formation in 2006 for the purpose of managing and operating the Jefferson Lab. PAE press release:

Since SURA was informed on May 29, 2013 about this upcoming change (PAE press release:, we have been working with officials from PAE to ensure that JSA continues its responsible stewardship of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Jefferson Lab. This includes the assurance of PAE/ATD that the commitments and obligations of the owner under CSC/AT will continue under JSA. We do not contemplate changes in Jefferson Lab operations or negative impacts to JSA’s contractual responsibilities as a result of PAE/ATD’s ownership role.

The JSA Board of Directors includes four members appointed by ATD. Paul Branske, will continue his role as the owner representative and Board vice chair. Paul has been on the JSA Board since July 2012. Emory Chenoweth will continue on the Board, a role he assumed in April 2012. Two new director appointments include: Michael Matteson and Denis Plambeck. Michael will serve as the chair of the JSA Operations and Safety Committee. Denis will serve as the chair of the JSA Finance and Audit Committee.

Along with the SURA-appointed Board directors (Charles Steger, Board chair; Jerry Draayer, owner representative, Board vice chair, and Compensation Committee chair; William Harvey, Relations and Outreach Committee chair; Thomas Appelquist, Science Council chair; and, Elizabeth Beise, JSA Programs Committee chair), the JSA Board will continue to provide the responsible and effective governance structure and practices necessary for the continued management and operation of the Jefferson Lab.

We are planning to hold the next JSA Board meeting at the Lab. This will be an opportunity for the new Board members and our new partner to see firsthand the meaningful work going on at the Lab. Just as important, the Board will have a chance to meet the many people behind the glowing reviews, high performance marks, and numerous plaudits that we often hear about the Jefferson Lab.

SURA is confident this new association with PAE will continue to provide the Lab with the solid support it has enjoyed under CSC’s leadership, and in addition enable JSA to bring the stability of a privately held company in support of the long-term scientific mission of the Lab and the DOE.

Jerry P. Draayer, Ph.D. President and CEO