Tech Center Proposal at Oyster Point - Adjacent to JLab

Tech Center Proposal at Oyster Point - Adjacent to JLab

The W.M. Jordan Co. and S.J. Collins are developing a proposal for a mixed-use development of Oyster Point Property adjacent to Jefferson Lab at Oyster Point Road and Jefferson Avenue.

The development will consist of retail space, office buildings, apartments, as well as laboratory/office suites for high-technology businesses.

Jefferson Lab has determined that the future interests of the Lab, such as the proposed Electron Ion Collider, would not be negatively impacted by this development.

Further, this proposed development has the strong support of the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA), which has assisted in the development process, including gaining the interest of Virginia Tech in the project.

The developers have requested that information about the project be provided to Jefferson Lab staff and users, and they have requested that staff and users respond to a survey they created.

You can find the survey and additional information about the project on the web at:

Jefferson Lab Land Use Plan. A map showing future lab development and a proposed mixed-use of adjacent property.