Thanks to D. Napier; WSC announces new leadership

February 28, 2006

Worker's Safety Committee update

Since June 2005 the JLab Worker Safety Committee (WSC), endorsed by the Director's Safety Council and made up of staff representing a cross section of the Lab, has worked with staff, users and contractors to identify safety concerns and make recommendations to me on how to address those concerns. They have taken their responsibility thoughtfully and seriously over the months, for which I am most grateful. At this juncture, Dianne Napier, committee chair and Systems Engineer for EESIC Group (Accelerator Division), is leaving JLab to tackle new challenges. As she leaves Jefferson Lab, I want to express my gratitude to her for the work she has done and the insight she has provided in helping to set the foundation of the Worker's Safety Committee. I wish her all the very best in her future endeavors.

I would also like to introduce the new chair and vice chair of the WSC - who are stepping forward to take over leadership of this committee, which has become an integral part of the Lab's ongoing EH&S continuous improvement efforts. WSC representative Krister Bruhwel, Hall B Electrical Tech Associate (Physics Division) becomes the new chair, and Brian Bevins, Accelerator Division Computer Scientist is the new vice-chair. I have been encouraged by the activity and energy of each WSC member and I want to thank the team for its work and ongoing commitment to safety at Jefferson Lab. The Worker Safety Committee was set up to represent everybody, and I recommend that you get to know your representative and discuss safety concerns. For more information about the WSC visit:

Christoph Leemann



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