TIAA-CREF Financial Education and Retirement Planning Resources

TIAA-CREF Financial Education and Retirement Planning Resources

Jefferson Lab's investment service provider, TIAA-CREF, now offers multiple financial and retirement planning webinars covering a range of topics to assist you with planning and saving for retirement. Each webinar averages about 30-45 minutes in duration and is offered at no cost to the employee. These webinars are available on the TIAA-CREF website. For details on the webinars, see the attached list of topics.

In addition, TIAA-CREF continues to offer multiple resources for employee retirement planning. These resources are available to all regular and term employees. Be sure you take advantage of one or more of the following tools.

Phone Consultations
TIAA-CREF offers phone consultations to all participants. The services provided are:

  • Planning for retirement,
  • Investment advice,
  • Transfers of funds, and
  • Making withdrawals.

To speak to a TIAA-CREF representative, call the Participant Center at 800-842-2776.
Individual Counseling Sessions at Jefferson Lab
A TIAA-CREF Financial Consultant visits the lab for individual, one-on-one meetings to discuss your retirement. These sessions provide opportunities to discuss your personal financial situation with a TIAA-CREF consultant on a confidential basis. The consultant will be available to discuss how to help you achieve your financial goals by investing in financial solutions, such as mutual funds, brokerage, life insurance and annuities.
Individual Counseling Sessions will help you simplify your retirement by:

  • Providing objective advice and asset allocation based on your individual needs;
  • Showing you how you can get a personalized actionable plan; and
  • Reviewing your retirement income options.

The dates and contact information for these sessions are announced on InSight and in the JLab Weekly Briefs.
The TIAA-CREF website has a broad range of services available to you for planning, changing retirement investments and making withdrawals. The website provides access to:

  • Your personal account information,
  • Literature on investment vehicles and retirement planning,
  • Transferring funds between investments, and
  • Retirement planning tools.

In order to access your personal information, you will have to set up a personal ID and password on the TIAA-CREF website.
Information Articles on Retirement Planning
TIAA-CREF provides articles that address many issues on financial management and retirement planning. A sampling of the topics covered include:

  • Six Rules to Ensure a Comfortable Retirement;
  • Saving for Healthcare Costs in Retirement;
  • Mutual Funds and Annuities as Investment Options in Your Retirement Plan;
  • A Lifecycle Fund Can Simplify Your Investing;
  • Can You Afford To Buy A Home;
  • Create A Budget; and
  • Insurance 101.

The articles can be accessed in the “Advice and Guidance” section of the TIAA-CREF website.