Time to Complete Your Property Refresher Training & Annual Property Validation (Jan. 8-Feb. 28)

The 2018 Jefferson Lab Property Refresher Training and Property Validation period begins today (Monday, Jan. 8) and runs through Feb. 28. During this timeframe, all Property Custodians must:

Complete the GEN 150 Annual Property Custodian Refresher training available from the web-based training page at: https://www.jlab.org/div_dept/train/webbasedtraining.html
The training takes about 10 minutes to complete. (Even if you have only a JLab office or laptop computer assigned to you, you are a Property Custodian.) Use your JLab user name and password to log into this page.

Access your Property Validation List, go to this link page: https://mis.jlab.org/mis/apps/index.cfm?app_id=149
and select Property Validation. Type in your JLab user name and password to access your property list.

A couple new requirements have been added to the Property Validation process this year.

  • Property Custodians will need to fill in all blank data fields in their Property Validation Inventory List, as well as correct any erroneous data in the other fields.  It is especially important to make sure the location for each item is correct; information in this field is frequently out of date.
  • Also, during February and March, all divisions are being asked to survey all of their assigned spaces to look for items not tagged or marked DOE/JLab Property. Custodians will need to provide a list of any unmarked/untagged items to Property Management staff. Property Management will identify what items need to be added to the Property Management Database and labeled with a Property bar-code tag, as well as identify items that need to be marked with a DOE/JLab Property tag. Property Management will provide the labels; custodians will be able to get these labels from the Property office. Upon request, Property staff can go to a specific area and attach labels to pre-identified items.

The Property Inventory, which follows the validation, will run from March 12 - May 25.  To check for accuracy, Property Management staff will inventory 20 percent of all validated items.

This year’s validation and inventory are in preparation for the 2018 DOE certification of Jefferson Lab’s Property Management System, which will take place in July.

Questions regarding the annual property validation and inventory processes may be directed to Property@jlab.org, or call Danielle Tarver, ext. 7025, or Property Manager, Christian Whalen, ext. 5899.