Time Reporting - A Message from Mary Erwin

Time Reporting - A Message from Mary Erwin

Jefferson Lab Policy 206.04.B.1.b. states "All nonexempt employees and any exempt employees who are paid on an hourly basis are required to record hours worked by day as well as totals." You should follow this policy by using the timesheet system on a daily basis to record your time.

As a reminder, guidance for travel time as time worked is provided in Jefferson Lab Policy 206.04.B.3 as follows:

  1. Exempt employees are paid their regular salaries while on business travel.
  2. Nonexempt employees shall be paid for enroute travel time while on official JSA/JLab work-related travel.
    1. Enroute travel time shall be calculated based on door-to-door travel from the point of departure to the destination point, and return. This time shall be counted as actual work hours on the employee's time sheet for the payroll period.
    2. After arrival at the destination, the employee shall report only the actual working hours.
    3. Nonexempt employees are not paid for travel time outside of normal work hours when travel is required for JSA-funded personal or career development activities, as opposed to work-related travel.

Floor checks will be performed throughout the year to check adherence to these policies.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please call Mary Erwin at ext. 7027, or Heidi Derby at ext. 7547.


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