Timekeeping System Update


Posted on behalf of the Finance Division

The JLab timekeeping system was updated over the weekend.  All published links have been redirected to the new system.  This is an update to our previous version.  It is recommended that all employees clear the network browser cache before accessing the system to avoid problems.  If you experience a locked or frozen screen, close your browser, reopen and clear the cache.  Then return to the timekeeping system.

As was mentioned in the training sessions, access the system as follows:

URL:  https://misportal.jlab.org/time 
User Account:  Network User ID
Password:  Network Password
System:  JSA - If you use JLAB, you will not gain access into the system.

Please note, even if your Caps-Lock is turned off, your User Account will display in uppercase.  Your password, however, is case sensitive.  Make sure your Caps-Lock is turned off to avoid locking your network user account.  The payroll department can assist you with operating the new system, however, locked accounts are only cleared by the help desk.

Links to information regarding the timekeeping processes and mechanics including the timekeeping manual (step-by-step instructions), training videos, clearing your cache, and other helpful information may be found at the payroll site:

URL:  https://www.jlab.org/finance/payroll

If you have any trouble, do not hesitate to contact the payroll department: