Traffic Violations at Lab Increased in July; Traffic & Parking Policy Updated

Traffic Violations at Lab Increased in July; Traffic & Parking Policy Updated

We have seen an increase in traffic violations at Jefferson Lab over the past months.

A total of 14 moving violations were issued during the month of July:

•    Exceeding the posted speed limit - 9

•    Failure to obey STOP sign - 4

•    Driving the wrong way down a One-way street – 1

The Lab’s Traffic & Parking Management Policy is found in Section 301.06 of the Administration Manual and has recently been updated. The major change in the updated policy is differentiating between moving and parking violations.

Traffic violations are reported to supervisors/sponsors and Human Resources.  Violations of Jefferson Lab’s traffic policies can result in the suspension of Laboratory driving privileges.

The policy applies to all lab staff, users, students registered with the lab, ARC tenants and contractors assigned, employed, or visiting the lab. Everyone who drives or operates vehicles at Jefferson Lab should take a few minutes to become familiar with the details of the updated policy.

The policy includes driving and operating motorized and non-motorized, private, commercial or lab fleet vehicles and mobile equipment.

All vehicle drivers and operators are expected to obey all official traffic control signs and devices, unless specifically directed otherwise by JLab Security officers. This means reading and heeding speed limit signs on roads and in parking lots, coming to a complete stop at all stop signs and stop lines, following the rule of “no passing” on lab roads, maintaining proper traffic flow in one-way areas, and parking only in designated areas.

You may read the entire policy online at: