Training Location for New Employees, Users, and Subcontractors

Training Location for New Employees, Users, and Subcontractors

Effective August 1, VARC 47 will be used primarily for new employees, users, and subcontractors to complete their ITP-related training on-line. These functions previously were done in VARC 45. Room 47 will also be available to any other JLab personnel needing computer-based training who do not have access to their own appropriately configured machine. The receptionist at the VARC Front Desk is still the primary point of contact.

The 18 thin client workstations can link to the following courses:

  • GEN034 Annual Security Awareness for Employees and Subcontractors
  • GEN034U Annual Security Awareness for Users
  • GEN150 Property Custodian Refresher
  • SAF100 E H&S Orientation
  • SAF103 Oxygen Deficiency Hazards
  • SAF104 Lock, Tag, and Try
  • SAF123 Oil Worker (Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasures) Training
  • SAF127 Environmental Management System (EMS) Awareness
  • SAF603A Electrical Safety Awareness
  • SAF603N NFPA-70E Electrical Safety
  • SAF800 General Employee Radiation Training (GERT)
  • SAF801 Radiological Worker I

A single PC will also be dedicated to the computerized refresher training for:

  • SAF302 Aerial Platform/Manlift Operator Safety
  • SAF402 Crane Operator Safety
  • SAF502 Forklift Operator Safety

VARC 47 may still be reserved for other activities by "inviting" it as a resource in the JLab Calendar program, Corporate Time. However, some time periods will be blocked for the above training. When Corporate Time shows the room is free, walk-in traffic will be accommodated after a check in at the Front Desk. Please contact Bruce Ullman at x7170 if you have any questions.


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