Try Out New E-Book Library Service

Try Out New E-Book Library Service

MyILibrary, a leading aggregator of electronic books, has granted JLab a 30-day trial access to its full collection of electronic books (70,000 titles). The trial started Nov. 5 and runs until Dec. 5. This trial includes a list of titles selected by the DOE laboratories' libraries; the MyILibrary astronomy, physics, engineering, optics and materials title list; and the Elsevier Physics and Astronomy list.

Anyone desiring a personalized web presentation of this service by MyILibrary representative Patrick Moore, is asked to contact Elois Morgan, JLab's Information Resources manager. To access this new, trial service, go to MyiLibrary at: and access the account with username: Jeffer964 and password: 88126337. Look for the "Login" in the upper right. Select the broad subject Science or Engineering. Look in the right menu bar to refine you search. You can access many special features if you sign up for an account (top bar).

Please send your comments and concerns to Elois Morgan,, x7525.

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