TSA Begins Implementation of Secure Flight Program on May 15, 2009

TSA Begins Implementation of Secure Flight Program on May 15, 2009

C I Travel is advising traveler's to update their Trip Manager profiles with their FULL legal name as it appears on their photo identification. If you do not have a passport and always use your driver's license, your name EXACTLY as it appears on your license needs to be used.

If you have a passport and are planning to travel internationally, your name EXACTLY as it appears on your passport, needs to be updated in your Trip Manager profile, immediately. We strongly suggest that you check your driver's license and passport to make sure that the names match EXACTLY.

Additional information ? date of birth and gender ? will be required by TSA on August 15, 2009 as well.

Please do this immediately:

  1. Sign into Trip Manager and update your profile (your travel coordinator may be able to help get this accomplished.)
  2. Full name as it appears on your photo identification (first name.middle name in FIRST NAME field)

    Date of Birth


    Passport Number (if you have a passport)

    Passport Expiration date

  3. Then send an email to e-solutions@citravel.com, in the subject line write: TSA information updated in Trip Manager. If the email is being sent by your travel coordinator be sure the traveler?s name or names are listed in the body of the email.

For tickets and documents already printed for travel after May 15:

If there are minor variances, ie: middle initial instead of middle name, or other minor changes, please read the TSA link on how TSA will handle that. It may not be necessary or possible to change the name as it now appears on your documents. TSA says, they will phase in the exact name match as per the answer to one of the questions in the link to their website below.

Regarding Traveler Loyalty or Frequent Flyer Programs:

It is highly recommended that you contact all your loyalty programs and get your name changed to EXACTLY what will be printed on your airline tickets. Computer systems will kick out names that do not match exactly. It is the traveler's responsibility to make sure that their program names match their photo id name.

To see the information right from the TSA.GOV page, click here or cut and paste, http://www.tsa.gov/what_we_do/layers/secureflight/faqs.shtm

One last thing - if you are traveling by air after May 14 plan to get to the airport earlier than usual, until things settle down. It is expected security lines will be longer than normal as TSA control agents will closely scrutinize names on identification with names on tickets.

Please contact Lisa Gelhaar at ext. 7269 or Keona Boothe, at ext. 7192, with any questions regarding this latest TSA initiative to keep our air travel safe.

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