Tunnel Access Requires Completing Two-Part Training

Individuals working in the CEBAF tunnel are required to take and complete both parts of SAF 132 Tunnel Worker Safety Awareness training. If you will be working in the tunnel and have not yet taken this training (as noted in your JLab Skills Requirement List), then you will need to complete both parts.

The first part of the training entails going to the JLab webbased Training and Performance page at: http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/train/webbasedtraining.html

Scroll down to SAF 132A - Tunnel Worker Safety Pre-brief. Click on the link to open the safety awareness briefing. Click on the single forward arrow to begin the training and as needed to move through the sections. Be sure you have completed this portion of the training and registered completion at the end of the briefing. This pre-brief MUST be completed before you take the second part of the training - going into the tunnel for the SAF 132 Tunnel Orientation.

You may sign up (reserve your space) for the SAF 132 Tunnel Worker Safety Orientation as soon as you make the decision to take SAF 132A - Tunnel Worker Safety Pre-brief. To sign up for SAF 132 Tunnel Worker Safety Orientation, go to this JLab Human Resources training page and log in: https://misportal.jlab.org/training (Your JLab computer account user name and password are required).

Listed in the Upcoming Open Classes (top of the page) are all tunnel orientation sessions that have openings. Currently tunnel orientation sessions are scheduled for May 20 and 23, June 3 and 17 and July 1. The tunnel orientation class lasts about two hours and start and ends in the MCC Conference Room.

When heading to the MCC Conference Room, be sure you are wearing your JLab personal dosimeter (OSL device) and low- or flat-heeled, closed-toe shoes.

Check your JLab Skills Requirement List (SRL) to see if your work responsibilities require this training.

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