Use of Government Property - A Message from Christoph Leemann

Use of Government Property - A Message from Christoph Leemann

I am very sorry to report that a Jefferson Lab employee was arrested and charged this week for taking government property from Jefferson Lab and selling or using it for personal gain.

The Jefferson Lab Property Management Policy and Procedures issued September 28, 2006 is very clear on the appropriate use of Government facilities, tools, supplies, material and equipment used by Lab employees. This manual can be found by going to Section 1.1.2 of the Jefferson Lab Property Management Policy and Procedures states that the "use of such property for any other purpose other than official Laboratory business is prohibited. Individuals guilty of such improper activity will be subject to corrective action by Jefferson Lab and/or prosecution under applicable laws."

The objective of this policy is very clear. No employee is authorized to use government property for anything other than official use. We are conducting a thorough review of our policies to make sure that they are clear, comprehensive and aligned with the current operational environment. For now, if you have government property at your home without an official JLab loan agreement, return it immediately. If you have government property in your privately-owned vehicle, do not leave the Lab site without proper documentation and authority. All employees are responsible for reading and understanding Lab policies. If you have questions or concerns regarding Lab policies, please talk with your supervisor or Associate Director. Additionally, remember that scrap materials created by JLab operations are the property of the government. You are not permitted to use or personally recycle this material.

You are reminded that you can report any waste, fraud or abuse directly to your supervisor or call the new Jefferson Lab waste, fraud and abuse hotline at (757) 269-7137.


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