Use On-Hook Dialing to Stop 911 Misdials Wrong Numbers

The Telecommunications staff encourages everyone at Jefferson Lab to use the on-hook dialing feature available on the Cisco IP phones – in order to eliminate 911 misdials and to reduce instances of misdialing other phone numbers.

Placing an outside call from a lab phone requires dialing "9" to get an outgoing phone line. Placing a call outside of the 757 area code requires dialing a "1" after the "9"; and an international call requires punching in the destination's "country code," after the "91" – all before dialing an up to 10-digit phone number. While pressing all these numbers it is easy to misdial and get a wrong number or to inadvertently dial 911 and get the Newport News Emergency Dispatch Office.

These misdial problems can be avoided by using on-hook dialing. Here are basic instructions:

phone picWith the phone receiver/handset on-hook (hung up), dial all the numbers needed to place your call. Carefully check the numbers showing up on the display screen. Make sure all the numbers are correct and in the correct order. After dialing all the necessary numbers, then pick up the handset. Once you pick up the handset, the phone will automatically dial what is on the screen. See image below. Note that if you are dialing a long distance number, you will then need to punch in your long-distance authorization code.

If you misdial any number(s) while entering your destination number into the phone, press the button just below the "back arrows" << visible on the display screen to delete the incorrect number(s) and then resume dialing. See image.

To delete the entire number, press the "cancel" button or stop dialing and after about 10 seconds the phone number will drop from the screen.

To place an Emergency call (to summon an ambulance, a Newport News police officer or Fire /Emergency Response vehicle) to Jefferson Lab dial 911 or 9911 from any Jefferson Lab phone. When calling 911, be prepared to tell the emergency dispatcher the nature of the emergency and the location.