Use Your Correct JLab Mailing Address; Improperly Addressed Mail Will be Returned to Sender Beginning March 2

In FY2006, the sorting and delivery of regular mail was transferred from in-house to the U.S. Postal Service.  Every employee at JLab was given a new postal mailing address (that includes a suite number) at that time.

To find a correct postal mailing address, use  JLIST at the following link: .

After you log in:

1. Scroll over the People tab, and click People Search.
2. Fill in one of the search fields click. (Your last name, for instance, if you are searching for your postal address.)
2. Click on Contact tab to find the postal mailing address. (Don't use your Mail Stop; it isn't part of your U.S. Postal mailing address.)

Up to now Shipping & Receiving has accepted and sorted the incorrectly addressed mail – approximately four to five crates of mail a day – that the lab receives.  Most of this mail is catalogs, sale flyers, newsletters and similar third-class bulk mailings (e.g. junk mail).

Shipping & Receiving can not continue to handle this volume of incorrectly addressed mail.
 Starting Monday, March 2, Postal Service delivery of mail to the Shipping & Receiving dock will no longer be accepted.  Incorrectly addressed mail will be returned to sender by the U.S. Postal Service.

Please make sure that the mail you want/need to receive is correctly addressed.

An updated list of correct Jefferson Lab postal suite numbers and internal mail stops can be downloaded here. The proper formatting for addresses is noted at the bottom of the document.


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