Vacation Donation Program-Annual Enrollment

Vacation Donation Program-Annual Enrollment

Nov. 10, 2011

Attention: All Regular and Term Employees

We are pleased to announce a Vacation Donation Program to all regular and term employees. The Vacation Donation Program is offered by the Lab to support employees who are experiencing a serious medical condition or catastrophic illness or injury, or who are caring for an immediate family member with these conditions and confronted with a financial need due to the exhaustion of all paid leave. This program provides the opportunity for employees to anonymously donate vacation time to assist another employee who is unable to work due to a medical emergency. In order to become a recipient employees must meet the terms and conditions of the program, apply and be approved.

The on-line electronic open enrollment session will begin on Monday, November 14 and close at 5pm on Friday, November 18. During the annual open enrollment session, employees can voluntarily donate any vacation time in excess of 80 hours to a vacation bank. Once the session closes, all donated hours will be held in a centralized vacation bank for use when an eligible employee applies and is approved to become a beneficiary of the program.

Specific details regarding this program can be found on the Human Resources website. An email announcement will be sent on Monday, November 14, with the link for online enrollment. In the interim, if you have questions go to the Human Resources website or contact Treva Ferguson at ext.7291 or Douglas Roeder at ext. 7576.

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