Vendor-Operated Stockroom

Vendor-Operated Stockroom

In the past, the Lab has operated an in-house stockroom, which maintained an inventory of DOE-funded parts and supplies that was available to both employees and users. During the next fiscal year, the technical stockroom will be phased out and replaced by an onsite vendor store. The selected vendor is JLWS Enterprises, currently NASA's provider of technical stockroom services. The goal is to provide a wider selection of material and eliminate the administrative overhead associated with managing a large DOE-owned inventory.

The contract requires that JLWS maintain an inventory of commonly used stores. This initial inventory was developed from historical data of the most frequently requested items in each stock group. The contract requires that JLWS have this inventory on the shelf here at the Lab, at their facility at NASA or with their suppliers in the immediate area. Most of the JLWS inventory is on consignment from large suppliers (such as Newark Electronics and Grainger, Inc.) and can be changed as the needs of the technical program at the Lab demand. However, since JLWS or their supply partners own the inventory and not DOE, there are procedural changes required to meet fiscal, acquisition and normal business requirements.

The JWLS service counter will be staffed during normal business hours, and customers are encouraged to browse the shelves and bins to select items — as they have always done. After-hours access will be more controlled. Specifically, one of Jefferson Lab's Top Guard security guards will accompany employees and users making after-hours purchases. A list of items removed and the employee's signature will be documented on a JLWS form and processed the next business day.

All sales to the Lab will be made using the E-commerce process. This can be done remotely or at the JLWS service counter. Remote orders may be picked up or delivered by Shipping & Receiving. Since E-commerce is by far the most cost-effective procurement method for small items, the use of government credit cards for Lab purchases from JLWS is not allowed.

There are two exceptions to this rule. To avoid the need to have signature authority on each Project Organization Account-funded job order, Jefferson Lab machine shop personnel are authorized to use a government credit card when buying from JLWS. JLWS will also accept credit cards from users or Lab subcontractors who have their own personal, corporate or institution card.

In the past, Jefferson Lab has funded "stockroom" accounts for non-employees (users and summer students) needing to acquire miscellaneous small parts and consumables. To provide the same service, POA managers will have to make an E-commerce Order for the non-employee(s) for "miscellaneous parts and supplies." The order will specify a "not-to-exceed limit" and provide the names of individuals authorized to pick up and sign for receipt of items. JLWS will monitor the charges and cut off further sales on specific E-Commerce orders when the dollar limit is reached.

Hand and power tools will be available from JWLS. Each tool that costs over $10.00 that is purchased with Jefferson Lab funds must be engraved "Property of DOE." Small tools under $10.00 will be color marked with a blue paint pen. Tools costing over $300 must be tagged, assigned a custodian and entered into the property database. Employees picking up tools at the service counter will be required to go to Shipping and Receiving (adjacent to JWLS) to have tools marked or tagged.

The target date to move JLWS on site is September 1. POA managers can use the link below to confirm employees that need to use the new stockroom have the required POA signature authority.

For more information, contact:
Danny Lloyd, or x7121
Bill Brisiel, or v7233
Tom Briggs, or x5430


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