Vote on bylaw changes- A message from John Arrington

Vote on bylaw changes- A message from John Arrington

Dear Users Group Members,

This is to announce that we are holding a vote on two proposed changes for the Users Group Bylaws; each change will be voted on separately. I’ve summarized the two changes below, while the web page where you will cast your votes will have the full text of the proposed changes. The present Bylaws can be found here:

*The first proposal is to change the chair line from the current four year cycle (one year as vice chair, two as chair, and one as past chair) to a modified cycle (one year vice chair, one as chair elect, one as chair, and one as past chair). The benefit is that chairs  will be more experienced when they take over as chair (having served 2 years already), and that there will be more people in the four-year chair line at a given time, providing more leadership in organizing the various user group activities and greater continuity. The downside of this is that people will serve as chair for only a single year, but we believe that this will be balanced by the benefits mentioned above.

*The second proposed change is an expansion of the "statement on non-discrimination"

To cast you vote, go to the following page:  [includes text of the proposed changes]
The deadline for voting is Tuesday, July 22nd.