Work Planning, Control and Authorization Flow Diagram

Work Planning, Control and Authorization Flow Diagram

It has been recognized for quite a while that the various processes and tools we use to plan and control our activities here at the Lab could be simplified and made easier to use on a day-to-day basis. I received this very comment numerous times during the recent ISM Awareness Training and announced that we had a team of your colleagues working the issue. That team, consisting of Harry Fanning, Doug Tilles, and John Reisbeck has come up with a good solution in the form of the attached flow chart. This flow chart is intended to help guide both floor workers and supervisors through the various decisions and processes that are currently in place.

We now need your help. I'd like to ask each of you to use this draft flow chart for the next 2 weeks as you accomplish your normal duties and let us know if it's accurate and helpful to you. You will also receive a draft procedure shortly that will outline this process in writing, but it is my hope that the flow chart is clear enough to use on its own.

Over the next two weeks, please provide your feedback on how to improve this process and tool directly to Harry (, Doug (, or John ( so that they can work to make it more useful to you. Thanks for your help and continued support.

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