Worker Safety Committee

Worker Safety Committee

Dear fellow employees,
The Worker Safety Committee would like to take this opportunity to offer our support for the Jefferson Lab policy on injury reporting. The policy, that all injuries will be reported, serves several functions:

  • It allows tracking of first-aid cases as mandated in the contract;
  • It allows for trend analysis, so that steps may be taken to prevent further injuries in the future;
  • It builds trust among all levels of employees at Jefferson Lab - from senior management to supervisors to line workers - showing that the actual safety of the workforce is more important than the TRC and DART charts;
  • It ensures that employees will be compensated for injuries not immediately apparent and helps to identify any subtle injuries that need attention or could need attention in the future.

The reporting is usually as simple as a phone call to the Occupational Medicine office, ext. 7539, explaining the extent of the injury and steps taken toward remediation.  In some cases, you may be asked to go to the VARC and have the injury examined.  This policy is not only for the worker's protection, it also helps the lab in its ongoing quest for a safer workplace.

Joe Beaufait
Worker Safety Committee

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