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Annual Materials Management Workshop

Materials Management Workshop Logo A message from the Chairman

Welcome MMW members! We are approximately 4 months out from our 2012 Materials Management Workshop. I hope that each and every one of you are working toward attending this Brookhaven hosted event. Our host, Frank D ‘Agostino, has been working diligently on the planning phase of our upcoming workshop. The amount of detail put into planning one of our workshops is not an easy task, even for some of our seasoned members. Frank is not only planning his first workshop, he is also a new MMW member that has not had the opportunity to attend one of our past workshops.

As stated in my previous "Message from the Chairperson", the Executive Committee and I were tasked with three action items that we have completed at this time.

2012 Workshop Information
Brookhaven National Laboratory
May 22nd - May 24th
Registration Fee of $100.00
Hosted by Frank D ‘Agostino,
Accommodations at Danfords Hotel & Marina Long Island,

I will continue to relay information on the upcoming workshop as it develops.
I would also like to extend a warm welcome to all the new members.

Melissa S Ward
Materials Management Association, Chairperson