Neutron-Unbound Systems Around the Dripline (NUSAD)

  • Neutron-Unbound Systems Around the Dripline (NUSAD)
    2021-07-13EDT8:00:00 ~ 2021-07-14EDT17:00:00
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The workshop on Neutron-Unbound Systems Around the Dripline (NUSAD) will discuss prospects for future studies of neutron-unbound systems and correlations in multi-neutron decays around the dripline, and it will take place July 13-14, 2021. This workshop will be virtual and is hosted by FRIB.

Workshop abstract: Recent technical developments from collaborations that undertake invariant mass spectroscopy of neutron unbound systems, e.g. SAMURAI, R3B, and MoNA, combined with increasingly high intensity exotic beams, have opened the road toward improved measurements of nuclei near and beyond the neutron dripline. Such capability will allow for detailed spectroscopic studies of neutron-unbound systems and the mechanisms by which they decay. In particular, experimental investigations of multi-neutron correlations may shed light on the role of multi-nucleon interactions and resonant and non-resonant particle continuum in the structure of extremely neutron-rich nuclei which can aid in the development of nuclear interaction models. This workshop will provide opportunities to continue discussions from the Nuclear Physics at the Edge of Stability (NPES) workshop (June 28 - July 1, 2021). We highly recommend participation in NPES. Following this, we would like to welcome the entire community to discuss recent results and future developments specific to systems near the neutron-dripline, from both the experimental and theoretical perspectives.

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Belen Monteagudo or Thomas Redpath
(517) 908-7725