Jefferson Lab announces Oct. 7 Fall Science Series event ((Release)

Michael Henchman standss before a forged painting
Michael Henchman, Professor of chemisty at Brandeis University, helped demonstrate that "Reading in the Forest," a work previously attributed to Impressionist painter Eva Gonzales, was not done by Gonzales. Vinland Map
The Vinland Map purports to be a 15th century map depicting Viking exploration of North America centuries before Columbus. View screen or print size.

Jefferson Lab announces Oct. 7 Fall Science Series event

Jefferson Lab's Fall Science Series begins Tuesday, October 7, with Michael Henchman, chemistry professor from Brandeis University. "Multi-Million Dollar Forgeries Exposed" asks: What can a scientific detective do today to determine forgeries from artifacts or art masterpieces? Henchman discusses the Vinland Map: Is it the first map of America? Was it drawn 50 years before Columbus to show how the Vikings in 1000 AD first found America? He also analyzes a French impressionist painting, ascribed to a major artist, exhibited internationally and valued at $1 million. But, when put up for sale, nobody would buy it. What's going on? An elementary school student, armed with only a ruler, can provide the answer.

The free event begins at 7 p.m. in JLab's CEBAF Center auditorium, 12,000 Jefferson Ave., Newport News. For security purposes, enter at JLab's main entrance (Onnes Dr.). Everyone over 16 is asked to carry a photo ID; security guards may perform ID and vehicle checks. For more information, visit or contact Debbie Magaldi, 269-5102,

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