A video interview with Fred Dylla, AIP CEO (SPIE Newsroom)

A video interview with Fred Dylla, AIP CEO


Fred Dylla, CEO of the American Institute of Physics, talks about free electron lasers, the challenges facing scholarly publishing, and government funding for scientific research.

H. Fred Dylla is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) in College Park, MD. Prior to assuming this post in early 2007, he was Chief Technology Officer and Associate Director of the Free Electron Laser (FEL) Division of Jefferson Lab (Newport News, VA). The FEL has been used over the last decade for applications in the fields of materials processing, materials science, biophysics, and chemistry.

In his role with the AIP, Dylla continues to foster strong connections among corporate, academic, and government leaders. These include the SPIE's use of AIP hosting and other publishing services for the SPIE Digital Library.

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