Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs April 22, 2009

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs

April 22, 2009

12 GeV Upgrade

Responses to the request for Best-and-Final Offers (BAFOs) for the fabrication of the superconducting radiofrequency cavities have been received and evaluation has begun. Evaluation of the BAFOs for the 4-meter dipole magnet fabrication have been completed. The award package for the klystrons has been reviewed and approved by DOE. Final review of the design and number of new quadrupole magnets for the accelerator beam transport system has been completed. The Request for Proposals (RFP) has been issued for the cryomodule space frames. Finally, the award package for the purchase of cryomodule waveguides is under review by DOE.


In Hall A, the BigBite spectrometer was successfully moved to backwards of the right High Resolution Spectrometer in preparation for the three upcoming polarized helium-3 experiments, E05-015, A Measurement of the Quasi-elastic Single Spin Asymmetry, E08-005, Measuring the Transverse Asymmetry in the 3He(e,e'n) Reaction and E05-102, Measuring the Transverse Asymmetries in the 3He(e,e'd) Reaction. The laser for the Compton polarimeter was exchanged for a version with double the power, and the power supplies of the Q1 and Q3 magnets of the right HRS were repaired. The replacement of one of the vertical drift chambers in the right HRS has been completed.

Hall B is on track with preparations for the upcoming eg1-dvcs (II) run period.

Installation work continues in Hall C for the hypernuclear experiment, E05-115. The raised concrete floor has been completely poured. The High Resolution Kaon Spectrometer and High Resolution Electron Spectrometer (HES) have been moved to approximate positions, and a wall of the HES bunker has been assembled.


The scheduled accelerator down was transitioned to the beam restoration period on Friday, April 17. Over the weekend, Operations personnel restored 5.90 GeV, 5-pass beam and then scaled the accelerator to 5.968 GeV. Continuous wave beam (15uA) was successfully delivered to the beam switchyard beam dump by Sunday. All the magnets, radiofrequency and other sub-systems have been performing well.

Free-Electron Laser (FEL)

The FEL group made progress in providing active stabilization of the resonator mirrors while the low-conductivity water piping is being worked. Staffers are also trying to identify possible sources of arcing in the high-voltage power supply. The group is on track to resume operations on May 18.

Theory Center

With the hadronic parameters constrained by the world data of π N reactions, a recent paper <arXiv:0904.1918 [nucl-th]> from the Excited Baryon Analysis Center demonstrates how the pion electroproduction data from the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer can be used to extract the electromagnetic structure of nucleon resonances. This advance paves the way for extracting nucleon resonance parameters by performing a dynamical coupled-channel analysis of one-pion and two-pion production data from CLAS.

JLab's Safety Numbers

107 Days since Last Recordable Accident (JLab record: 331)
224 Days since Last Lost Workday Accident (JLab record: 676)

JLab Calendar of Events

April 22: Earth Day
May 1: Adopt-A-Spot Litter Pickup
May 2-5: APS April Meeting in Denver
May 20: JLab Annual Run-A-Round
May 25: Memorial Day holiday, lab closed
June 1-19: HUGS 2009
June 2-4: 53nd Annual Materials Management Workshop
June 8-10: Users Group Workshop and Annual Meeting




Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

JLab’s Environmental Management System (EMS) will undergo an audit April 27-30, conducted by a joint team from Oak Ridge and the Thomas Jefferson Site Office. Personnel from multiple areas of the lab will be interviewed during this assessment.

Certain elements of JLab activities, products or services interact with the environment, including light bulbs, coolants and other fluids generated during the course of our normal activities. Significant environmental aspects of these activities are those that have been identified as having the possibility of a large impact. Examples of significant aspects are wastewater discharge and normal energy use. JLab's EMS helps us to minimize environmental impacts from lab activities, processes and services. Under the EMS, everyone has a role. Some ways you can help with JLab's EMS effort are:

  • Know how your activities affect the environment;
  • Be aware of and manage the significant aspects associated with your activities;
  • Make sure new or changed activities or materials receive an evaluation to see if they pose a risk to the environment;
  • Report environmental releases to your supervisor/sponsor and to x4444; and
  • Share ideas for improvement with your supervisor/sponsor;

ESH&Q will continue to provide EMS briefings to specific organizations and individuals involved with significant aspects. If you have any questions, call Linda Even at x7308, Gina Dixon at x7417, or your organization’s EMS Committee member. For more information, see the related posting in Spotlight news on Insight.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Computer User Audit
The semi-annual computer user audit will start on May 4. All supervisors and sponsors of JLab accounts will need to affirm the need for those people you supervise or sponsor to continue to have computer user accounts at JLab. More information will be sent as the time approaches.


Change the World, Start With Energy Star
Today is Earth Day 2009! On this important day, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to thank you for taking the Energy Star Pledge and helping to fight global warming by saving energy. Your efforts, combined with those of more than two million others, have the potential to save nearly $350 million in energy costs and prevent close to five billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. For more information and useful ideas and suggestions, visit the Energy Star website.

Department of Energy Promotes Special Earth Week Feature on 
Simple Steps Will Help Consumers Save Money -- and the Planet. During Earth Week, visitors to the U.S. Department of Energy website will be immediately directed to a special web feature that provides  key energy-saving tips and user-friendly information about critical emerging technologies and initiatives underway to move the nation toward a clean-energy economy.  
Volunteers Needed for Earth Day/Adopt-A-Spot Litter Pick up on May 1
Volunteers are needed to help with an Earth Day/Adopt-A-Spot litter pick up from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Friday, May 1. Everyone at JLab is invited to take part in this community service project. Sign up on the webpage in advance, so adequate supplies can be provided. Meet in the CEBAF Center lobby at 11:15 a.m. for a short safety briefing and to pick up gear. Litter pickup will cover the sidewalk and grass areas paralleling Jefferson Avenue up to Oyster Point Road and areas across the JLab campus. Wear clothes comfortable to move in, long sleeves, long pants, sturdy shoes and gloves. If you have questions, contact Deb Magaldi.

National Instruments Mobile Expo to Visit JLab
National Instruments, the makers of LabView, will conduct demonstrations of the latest technologies for automated testing in their Mobile Expo on April 28. The 40-foot vehicle will showcase a variety of example systems tackling mechanical, DC, RF, and mixed-signal tests. Find out how you can use the power of software-defined modular instrumentation to create fast and flexible test systems that minimize the cost of testing. The Mobile Expo will be located behind the Test Lab from 1- 4p.m.

2009 Jefferson Activities Group Run-A-Round Set for May 20
Dust off those running shoes! The 24th annual Jefferson Activities Group Run-A-Round will be held Wednesday, May 20, from 3-6 p.m. Jefferson Lab staff, users, full-time contractors and immediate family members are invited to participate. Staff and users that participate can receive a free 2009 JLab T-shirt by turning in their Run-A-Round race bibs at the T-shirt distribution tent. You can find more information and register for the Run-A-Round online. Volunteer sign up will also be available soon via the JAG webpage.


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