Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs August 24, 2016

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
August 24, 2016

12 GeV Upgrade

Preparations are almost complete for a Physics Division Experimental Readiness Review (ERR) of the base experimental equipment in Hall C. This review will focus on the operation of all of the equipment in the hall, including those components provided by the 12 GeV Upgrade, although the superconducting magnets are the subject of separate, dedicated reviews.

The helium leak that was found by the manufacturer of the dipole magnet for the Super High Momentum Spectrometer (SHMS) has now been localized. Part of the dipole's outer chimney can had to be cut open in order to gain access to the leak near the bottom weld joint of a bellows. Specialists will determine whether to repair or replace the bellows in the next few days.  The SHMS Q2 magnet has been crated and is fully prepared for shipment from France. All transportation authorizations are in place, and the magnet will leave the factory as soon as a temporary road-closure along its travel route has been lifted (expected within one-two weeks). Its reservation on a ship to Norfolk has already been arranged.


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, Aug. 15-19
  • A. Lovato, S. Gandolfi, J. Carlson, Steven C. Pieper, R. Schiavilla. "Electromagnetic response of 12C: a first-principles calculation." Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 082501.
  • A. Baroni, L. Girlanda, A. Kievsky, L.E. Marcucci, R. Schiavilla, and M. Viviani. "Tritium beta-decay in chiral effective field theory." Phys. Rev. C 94, 024003.
Publications Refresher Course Set for Sept. 23
Mark your calendars and R.S.V.P. to attend the next Publications Refresher Course to have all your questions about Public Access answered and receive a demonstration of the Jefferson Lab Publications System. The next course is Friday, Sept. 23, at 9 a.m. in CEBAF Center room F224-225. R.S.V.P. to by close of business on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Pick Up a Free Book or Magazine!
Information Resources has added new library books to the free book cart. Remaining books will be disposed on Sept. 1. See the list here. The library is also offering a selection of older (2005-2015) copies of scientific journals and science-related periodicals on a first-come, first-served basis through the end of August. If interested, stop by, take a look, and feel free to take what you want. A list of the available titles is published online.


The Electrical Engineering group has been supporting a number of project and lab initiatives over the past few months. All EES groups have been working hard to get the Low Energy Recirculator Facility operational for the DarkLight experiment, which completed its engineering run a couple of weeks ago. The group has also continued to support the 12 GeV project by working on the Hall B Torus and Solenoid magnets and instrumentation. Its members have also continued to install components and systems into the Test Lab for the Upgrade Injector Test Facility project. The main focus of the RF, DC, Safety Systems, I&C and the Support group will shortly move to CEBAF to prepare the machine for the fall physics run.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

Aug. 26-27: SoLID Collaboration Meeting
Sept. 5: Labor Day holiday; Jefferson Lab closed
Sept. 19: Safety Shoe Truck on-site
Sept. 20-22: Cyber Physical Systems Summit


Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

Transitioning to Safer Chemicals
According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the most effective way to eliminate the adverse health effects of hazardous chemicals is to eliminate or reduce their use by substituting them with safer alternatives. Some potential benefits to transitioning to safer chemical products include:
  • Improving worker health and safety;
  • Reducing the onset of disease caused by chemical exposures;
  • Reducing costs (direct and indirect cost savings for engineering controls, administrative and work practice controls, and PPE.); and
  • Protecting the environment by reducing hazardous waste disposal requirements.
If you would like to review the hazardous chemicals you use in your work at Jefferson Lab to determine if it’s possible to transition to safer alternatives, contact Jennifer Williams, Industrial Hygiene, at x7882 or

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Slight Change to Smart Card User Logins
If you use a Smart Card to log in to your desktop, or other Windows systems at Jefferson Lab, a small change is being made at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 24. In order to support some required enhancements to the Smart Card system, a new text field will be visible on the login screen where users enter their Smart Card PIN. The field is labelled "Username hint" and will appear just below the "PIN" entry text box. The good news: for most Smart Card users, this field can be left blank. You will simply enter your PIN in the box above it as you normally would and log in as usual. This change only applies to the login process used with Smart Cards, therefore, logging in with your username and password will not change. To see a couple of screenshots of what you might see after the change, view the webpage at If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at x7155 or


Last Chance to Volunteer: United Way Day of Caring
The 2016 United Way Day of Caring for the Peninsula will be on Friday, Sept. 9, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Jefferson Lab is offering employees the opportunity to volunteer a day of their time to work on a project for one of the participating, local health and human services organizations in Hampton Roads. Typical volunteer positions consist of community enhancement projects that encompass a myriad of activities, such as painting, landscaping and food bank assistance. If you are interested in volunteering your time on Sept. 9 or have questions about the event, email Krystina Serafini at To volunteer, copy your immediate supervisor on the email, who must concur with your participation, no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 26.

Reminder: Hall C Safety Awareness Training Updated
Due to the new configuration of Hall C, the Safety Awareness Training for the hall, SAF112, has been updated. This training will expire on Sept. 1 for anyone who last completed this training before May 1, 2016. To take the updated training, first read the document. Then, sign up for a walk-through, which is conducted on Tuesdays at 2 p.m., by contacting Joe Beaufait at x7131 or
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