Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs August 7, 2013

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
August 7, 2013

12 GeV Upgrade & Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

Accelerator Readiness Review
Starting on Aug. 19 and lasting for four days, 15 visiting professionals will be at Jefferson Lab conducting an Accelerator Readiness Review (ARR) in preparation to commission and ultimately to resume CEBAF operations. After the Long Shutdown and enhancements, Jefferson Lab needs to demonstrate it can safely and effectively manage the upgraded accelerator before the DOE Site Office will authorize commissioning activities.

Various groups associated with the ARR will have talks, document reviews, in-the-field verifications and demonstrations of lab systems and personnel readiness. The Jefferson Lab ARR effort, lead by ESH&Q, has been preparing documents and assembling subject matter experts to provide answers to the reviewers. The pre-Hot Checkout reviews, conducted by a team of Accelerator Division staff, are key to both identifying readiness issues and preparing for the ARR. The visiting reviewers, all experienced accelerator professionals in their respective fields, will be conducting concurrent sessions for various topics lasting several hours each day.

If you are asked to participate or provide assistance to the ARR effort, it's because your support is needed to demonstrate Jefferson Lab's high level of professional competence to commission and run the accelerator.


Hall C will host the Hall C Summer Workshop Aug. 15-16.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

A new approach has been developed to model the nucleon generalized parton distributions H and E. The approach relies heavily on so-called GPD sum rules that allow one to use functions of just one variable, H(x,x) and E(x,x), instead of the full GPDs H(x,\xi) and E(x,\xi) that depend on two variables, in order to calculate form factors of deeply virtual Compton scattering. The relation between the border functions and usual parton densities measured in deep-inelastic scattering is studied.


The Machine Shop is presently manufacturing or continuing to manufacture:

  • Two insertion devices for the Hall D beam stopper;
  • A beam diffuser for the beam switchyard area;
  • Four F100 ceramic warm window flanges; and
  • Eight F100 warm window inserts.

In addition, the shop has processed 124 job requests since June 24.


Lab-Wide Phone Outage Set for Saturday, Aug. 10
Jefferson Lab’s landline telephone system will be down Saturday, Aug. 10, 8 a.m.-noon. The outage will permit equipment upgrades and will disrupt landline telephone services, voicemail and fax machines. This outage will affect Jefferson Lab and university phones in the ARC, but won't affect commercial tenants in the ARC.

To Report Emergencies During the Outage:

  • Use a cell phone to call 911; then immediately call the Jefferson Lab Security cell phone at 757-342-9868. Advise Security of the 911 call; the nature and location of the emergency.
  • Or activate the closest fire alarm box. Follow this by calling Security at 757-342-9868 to inform officers of the situation.

Inquiries can be made to Jefferson Lab Security’s cell phone at 757-342-9868. For more information regarding this outage, contact the IT Division Helpdesk. For further information regarding emergency response steps to take during this phone outage, contact Tina Menefee, 757-768-4030.

Voluntary Separation Program Application Deadline Nears
This is a reminder that the Voluntary Separation Program is accepting applications through Wednesday, Aug. 13. The VSP and its processes are identical to the VSP implemented in FY12. You can find more information, including Frequently Asked Questions, benefits information, the severance calculator and a timeline of activities via the VSP website. If you have additional questions not answered in these materials, contact Human Resources for assistance.

Vacuum Seminar Moved to Sept. 11
The Agilent Technologies Standard High & Ultra-High Vacuum Seminar, which was originally scheduled for Aug. 14, has been moved to Sept. 11. See the calendar link for details.

Construction Zone Restrictions During Demolition of Bldg. 59
The demolition of Building 59, located on the east side of the Test Lab (Bldg. 58), is planned to begin the week of Aug. 12 and continue through mid-September. The area within the barricades will be a construction zone. Only trained personnel associated with the project are authorized to enter this area. Jefferson Lab personnel needing to enter the area or who have questions about the project may contact Suresh Chandra at x7248. More information and a link to a map of the construction can be seen here.

Red Cross Blood Drive Set for Aug. 20
The next American Red Cross Blood Drive is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 20, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. in CEBAF Center, Room F113. New and repeat donors are encouraged to attend. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome. To schedule an appointment, contact Johnie Banks, x7539. The linked page lists all eligibility requirements.

Tracking Thomas at Jefferson Lab
Little Thomas is visiting all corners of the Jefferson Lab campus. If you can identify his location this week, email Kandice Carter with your guess. Guesses are accepted through Friday.

Saptarshi Mandal correctly guessed the location for July 31. Honorable mentions go to David Anderson and Bob Miller. Check out Tracking Thomas on flickr for a better view of his last location and this week's new mystery photo.

JLab Calendar of Events

Aug. 15-16: Hall C Summer Workshop
Aug. 19: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
Aug. 19-22: Accelerator Readiness Review
Aug. 20: American Red Cross Blood Drive
Sept. 2: Labor Day holiday, Lab closed
Sept. 11: Standard High & Ultra-High Vacuum Seminar

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