Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs December 15, 2010

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
December 15, 2010

All-Hands Memo

Reminder: How to Determine JLab Work Status
If Jefferson Lab experiences a delayed opening or closure due to severe winter weather, there are several ways for staff, users and subcontractors to get current information on the lab's status.

For updated, recorded messages, call the main telephone number, (757) 269-7100, or call the JLab Status Line, (757) 234-6236. You may also visit the JLab website, where weather closing or delay information will be posted as a banner message.

If timing warrants, your home phone (the number you've listed in the Employee Self Service System) number will receive a pre-recorded message, giving you the latest information about the lab's status. If you have access to your JLab e-mail account, check your inbox for a Site Wide Alert message. If you have a JLab pager, check it for a weather alert/status notice.

In the event of a large or very severe weather event that disrupts electrical power/systems at JLab, knocking out these notification systems, visit JLab's Emergency Site Status webpage. This webpage, which you should bookmark, is only used when all local communication modes are unavailable. For additional information, see the full memo (requires sign in).


APS April Meeting Abstracts Due
Celebrate 100 Years of Sub-Atomic Physics at the APS April Meeting, April 30-May 3. Abstracts are due Jan. 14. The meeting will take place at the Hyatt Hotel Orange County in Garden Grove, Ca. The April Meeting will offer its usual outstanding scientific program, consisting of three plenary sessions (nine plenary talks), approximately 75 invited sessions, more than 100 contributed sessions, poster sessions, and an evening public lecture.

AIP Seeking Applicants for Congressional Fellowship Program
Members of the physics community who want to spend a year learning about the inner workings of Congress should consider applying to the American Institute of Physics Congressional Science Fellowship Program. The application deadline is Jan. 15. Benefits include a stipend, a relocation allowance, an allowance for in-service travel for professional development and reimbursement for health insurance up to a specified maximum. Application instructions can be found online.


The accelerator delivered beam to the experimental halls last week, with some downtime. On Tuesday, beamline vacuum valve 1L12A would not open, and the faulty part was replaced. The north linac 70 Megahertz amplifier dropped the radiofrequency a couple of times. Arc6A power supply was noisy and it was repaired Friday. Hall B nanoamp beam position monitors were unresponsive, and the problem was resolved. The injector was optimized to deliver high current, and Hall C took over 170 microamps of polarized beam for some time. Two shifts were spent for beam studies.

Free-Electron Laser

The FEL team had a great week of running and performed the first measurements of photons at 10 electron-volts produced by the FEL’s third harmonic while lasing at 370 nanometers. The group used a hole outcoupler for the harmonics and a calibrated photoemission diode to verify that third-harmonic output is on the order of 0.1 percent of the fundamental, as expected.


Engineering Division Professional Development Program
The JLab Engineering Division's Professional Development Program is a series of free seminars to be presented by JLab staff and invited guest speakers representing cutting-edge fields in engineering.

The first set of eight seminars will be devoted to Cryogenics and presented by the lab's award-winning staff, Jan. 25-April 26. Two overview sessions are open to all lab staff, representatives from local industry and graduate engineering students who have a professional interest in the topic; overview sessions will be held at Jefferson Lab in the CEBAF Center Auditorium. Six technical presentations are for engineers, senior/mid-level technicians and graduate engineering students; technical sessions will be held in CEBAF Center, Room F113. Eight Continuing Education Units will be granted by the Virginia State Licensing Board to professional engineers who complete the cryogenics series. Space is limited and advanced reservations are required for all sessions.

Facilities Management and Logistics

Holiday Shutdown Power Outage Planned
Planning is underway for a power outage affecting all JLab campus buildings outside the accelerator site, excluding the VARC and ARC, for work on the campus electrical distribution system. The outage is currently scheduled to last for nearly the entire holiday shutdown period, beginning at 5 p.m. on Dec. 23 and ending at 6 p.m. on Jan. 2. There will be no power in these buildings during this period. More details will be announced as plans are finalized. If you have any immediate questions, contact Rusty Sprouse in FM&L, x7589.

JLab Calendar of Events

Dec. 15: FEL Colloquium in CC F113, 4 p.m.
Dec. 20: Safety Shoe Vendor onsite
Dec. 22: Personal Dosimeter Change Out
Dec. 24-Jan. 2: Winter holidays/Shutdown days - JLab closed
Jan. 5: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
Jan. 10-14: PAC 37
Jan. 17: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday - JLab closed
Jan. 24: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
Jan. 27: Protect Your Identify: The Newest Identity Theft Scams




Environment, Health, Safety and Quality

Nearly two-thirds of JLab's past slip and fall mishaps occurred on snow, ice or wet surfaces near entrances or on parking lots. Here are some tips to help you prevent falls:

  • Wear shoes or boots that provide good traction. Consider keeping a pair of ice-gripping, slip-over-the-shoe accessories in your car – just in case.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Take short steps with your feet pointed slightly outward (think of how a duck walks) to help keep your center of balance under you.
  • Be extremely careful getting out of your vehicle. If possible, swing your legs around and place both feet on the pavement before you attempt to stand. Steady yourself on the doorframe until you have gained your balance and have firm footing.
  • Don't take shortcuts. Always use sidewalks and the cleared, designated paths in parking lots. Be especially careful when stepping to different levels – down or up steps or from curbs.
  • Pay attention to the walking surface; it may be significantly slicker in spots. When walking after sunset or in shaded areas, be alert for black ice – a thin, almost invisible ice film.
  • Carry only those items necessary. Carrying heavy or bulky packages affects your balance and center of gravity.

You can find more information about winter weather precautions for home and travel at Ready Virginia – Winter Weather. In addition, here at JLab, you can report unsafe conditions by calling x7400.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

CEBAF Center and VARC Power Outage This Saturday
Power to the CEBAF Center F-Wing and the VARC will be turned off during the day on Saturday, Dec. 18. For those users in the affected areas, shut down your desktop systems and power off your uninterruptible power supply boxes prior to leaving work for the weekend. The power should be restored by Saturday at 6 p.m. For additional information, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at x7155.

Site Power Outage During the Holiday Shutdown
Power to CEBAF Center, Test Lab, and Experimental Equipment Lab buildings will be off during the entire holiday shutdown period. Power is scheduled to be turned off on Dec. 23 at 6 p.m. and will not be turned back on until 6 p.m. on Jan. 2. Plan to turn off your desktop systems and UPSes prior to leaving for the shutdown period. The network and telephones in the Test Lab and surrounding trailers will be down during the outage. However, central services, such as e-mail and web, will still be available in other buildings during this time. If you have any additional questions, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at x7155.

Windows Patches To Be Deployed Tomorrow
Critical Microsoft Windows patches will be pushed out to desktops starting on Thursday morning, Dec. 16. Plan to reboot your system to
finalize the patch installations no later than Friday. If you have any additional questions, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at x7155.

Holidays Trigger Phishing, Spams and Scams
Be wary of holiday e-mail scams, spams and cyber attacks. The holiday season triggers a deluge of e-mail phishing attempts, electronic greeting card scams and unsolicited spam. Fraudsters see the season of good will as a means to get into your wallet, compromise files on your computer and gain access to the your computer's network. So throughout the holiday season, be sure to follow the same guidance that keeps your computer safe the rest of the year. Be suspicious of unexpected e-mails. Remember that JLab IT personnel will never request your login information or password in an e-mail. If you receive an e-mail that you believe is actually from your bank, a respected e-card site or another known entity, never click the link in the e-mail; instead, type the correct link directly into your browser or use a bookmark to visit the site. As always, if you receive a suspicious e-mail, delete it immediately. If you respond to or click a link in an e-mail on your JLab computer that you think may have been suspicious, immediately change your password and then submit a CCPR to the IT Division HelpDesk or send an e-mail to inform IT that your account may have been compromised. For more information, see the OnTarget newsletter article.


Assist IT Division By Completing Survey and Get Chance to Win Raffle
The Information Technology Division is asking all JLab staff and users to participate in a survey regarding IT services. Completed surveys will provide valuable feedback and allow IT to better serve the JLab community. Survey respondents may enter their e-mail address for a chance to win one of several $25 prizes. All survey entries will remain anonymous, whether or not an e-mail address is entered for the raffle. The survey may be accessed through a link on the JLab IT Division website or directly via this link. Please note that the direct link will take you to Zoomerang, an online survey service provider.

Primary Rental Car Company Changes for JLab Travelers
Starting Jan. 1, the lab's primary rental car company will be National Rental Car. The co-preferred vendor will be Budget. Frequent JLab travelers can enroll in the Emerald Club, which offers benefits, such as bypassing the kiosk and going straight to your car. Those interested in enrolling should e-mail Carol Kinsey. Once your enroll, an e-mail will be sent asking you to complete your club profile, and the Emerald Club card number will be placed in your CI Travel traveler profile.

Quark Cafe Hosts Holiday Bake Sale on Tuesday, Dec. 21
Just in time for the holidays, Quark Cafe will host its annual Holiday Bake Sale on Tuesday, Dec. 21, 10:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. in the CEBAF Center lobby. Stop in and pick up a special dessert, bread or gift item.

2011 General Access RWP Available for Signature
The 2011 General Access Radiological Work Permit is now available for signature. The current General Access RWP will expire on Dec. 31, while the new 2011 General Access RWP is effective from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2011. If you are a radiation worker, to retain your accelerator site access, you must sign the new RWP before Dec. 31. To access the RWP, visit the web-based training page and open document SAF801kd (under the subheading "Documents").

Personal Dosimeter Change Out Will Be Dec. 22
JLab's semi-annual personal dosimeter change out will take place during the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec. 22. This includes the dosimeters of all JLab staff, users and subcontractors. If you will need to use your dosimeter during the change out period on Dec. 22, you may exchange it that morning in the Radiation Control Dosimetry Office in Bldg. 52B, Room 4, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.  If you have questions, contact Becky Mosbrucker, x7236.