Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs February 6, 2013

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
February 6, 2013

12 GeV Upgrade

Assembly of the ninth C100 cryomodule is complete, assembly of the 10th is progressing, and acceptance testing of the sixth C100 continues in the Test Lab. Work on the new radiofrequency zones continues. Connections of the power supplies to the quadrupole and corrector dipole magnets is underway in the east arc beamlines. Preparation of the 4.5 Kelvin coldbox for the Central Helium Liquefier-2 continues for February commissioning, and assembly is underway of the transfer line that will connect CHL2 to the linacs. Re-installation of the east spreader and east recombiner is complete except for the BCOM dipoles (magnets at the linac-end of the segment with multiple beams passing through them); installation of girders and dipoles for the west recombiner is underway. The first reworked BCOM dipole has been tested and has met specifications. The first 3-meter-long ZA septum magnet is installed; the fourth ZA has been received. The Personnel Safety System for the North Linac achieved certification. A final functional review of the new beam position monitor electronics is scheduled for next week.


The demolition of the Short Orbit Spectrometer shield house in Hall C is nearing completion. The shield house is being removed by using diamond wire cutting to separate the shielding into pieces that the hall crane can lift. The rails on which the Super High Momentum Spectrometer will rotate have been placed on rail beds that have been bolted to the floor.

Free-Electron Laser

Installation of the ring resonator hardware is going well and should be ready by the time the beam is able to be turned on. That is slated for around April 1 after repairs to the Central Helium Liquefier are completed and the machine is cooled to 2 Kelvin. FEL staffers are making good progress on the design of the gun upgrade and producing procurement packages for the hardware. The team sent the procurement package for a wiggler for the Navy INP FEL program to JLab Procurement for release.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

The scattering lengths and effective ranges that describe low-energy nucleon-nucleon scattering are calculated in a new paper in the limit of SU(3)-flavor symmetry at the physical strange-quark mass with lattice QCD. This is done by determining the energy levels of the two-nucleon systems at finite volume from which the low-energy elastic phase shifts in each channel are computed. These phase shifts are parametrized well using the effective range expansion from which the scattering length and effective range are obtained.


Dog-Friendly Landscaping Tips and Therapy Dog Class
Do you think your dog has what it takes to become a therapy dog? Or does your dog dig up your freshly planted pansies every chance he gets? Join the JAG Dog Training Club on Friday, Feb. 8, for a lunchtime meeting to find out about these two contradictions! Michael Andruczyk, Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension Agent, will give a lunchtime talk on "Gardening with Dogs." After Mr. Andruczyk's talk, the JAG Dog Training Club will pass out information on the upcoming Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog class, which will begin in mid-February. Bring a bag lunch and join us in the BEAMS classrooms, Support Service Center Rooms 72A/B at noon. For more information, contact Joyce Miller, x7163 or Brian Kross, x7022.

JLab Blood Drive a Success!
JLab donors made a significant contribution to the American Red Cross with January's onsite blood drive! A total of 37 productive pints were collected, although short of the goal of 50. Three people were deferred for various reasons and six donations of red cells using the Double Red process were collected. Occupational Medicine staff would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone that participated with this blood drive and to congratulate you for a job well done!

New Dates Offered for Onsite TIAA-CREF Counseling
TIAA-CREF will offer individual counseling sessions onsite in the Support Service Center (formerly VARC) room 21 on April 5 and May 3. In these sessions, employees can discuss their personal financial situation with a TIAA-CREF consultant on a confidential basis. To discuss your plan and options for managing your retirement savings or to schedule an appointment with a TIAA-CREF individual consultant, call TIAA-CREF at (800) 732-8353, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Tracking Thomas at JLab
Little Thomas is visiting all corners of the JLab campus. If you can identify his location this week, email Kandice Carter with your guess. Guesses are accepted through Friday.

Samika Hawkins, Buddhini Waidyawansa, Becky Mosbrucker and Andy Kowalski correctly guessed the location for Jan. 30. Honorable mentions go to Mike Staron, Lori Zukerman, Luci Collins, Michael Haddox-Schatz, DeAnn Maddox, Daniel Moore, Dana Cochran, Saptarshi Mandal, Tim Whitlatch, Brita Hampton, Kim Kindrew, Sue Witherspoon, Todd Satogata, Chris Stanislav, Ron Bartek, Kelly Tremblay, Michael McCaughan, Stephanie Vermeire, Gwyn Williams, Katherine Myers, Connie Adams, Alexei Prokudin, Russell Mammei, Charlene Polk, Rob Mahurin, Andrea Celentano, Doug Higinbotham, Casey Heck, Deborah Dowd, Sandra D'Souza, Sam Holben and Chris Wicker. Check out the Tracking Thomas webpage for a better view of his last location and this week's new mystery photo.

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

LNT at JLab
You may be wondering what this is, considering JLab has scores of acronyms. It comes from the hiking and camping field, and it means Leave No Trace, which represents a set of seven principles for enjoying the great outdoors while mindful of its conservation.

So why LNT at JLab? Recent walk-throughs have discovered floors covered with discarded materials, parts and supplies. Some areas were such that one could almost not walk through without stepping on something that could slip from underfoot, resulting in a fall. These observations revealed that some JLab workers were just not cleaning up after themselves in open work areas.

JLab runs extremely "clean machines" (the Accelerator and the FEL), so why not operate all our jobs and work areas that way? Pick up any mess that you create - this makes the work environment safer both for you and for those coming later.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Computer User Account Audit
The annual Computer User Account Audit will begin on Monday, Feb. 18. All supervisors and sponsors of users with computer accounts at JLab are required to review and re-authorize these accounts. This audit is a critical part of maintaining an appropriate level of cyber security at JLab. If you sponsor someone with a computer user account at JLab, you will receive an email on Feb. 18 with information on how to complete your user audit. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the audit, contact Jessica A. Perry, x7262.

JLab Wireless Certificate Changes
The authentication certificate for the 'jlab' and 'jlab_acc' wireless networks will be updated on Thursday, Feb. 7 at 12 p.m. Depending on your operating system or mobile platform, you may be asked to accept the new certificate once the change is complete. The name of the certificate will either be '' or ''. Accept the certificate if you are prompted to do so. No other changes to your wireless configuration are needed. If you experience any problems, contact the IT Helpdesk, x7155.

Java Update Set for Tonight
There are new versions of Java 1.7 and 1.6 that fix some remote execution vulnerabilities. The CNI group will push out the new versions (1.7u13 and 1.6u39) to the site the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 6. Plan to update to this new version as soon as possible. A reboot may be required to finalize the update. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the IT Helpdesk, x7155.

Java 1.6 End-of-Life Preparations
The 1.6 version of Java will no longer be supported or updated at the end of this month. In anticipation of the end of this support, the CNI group is planning to push out Java 1.7 to all Windows systems at JLab on the evening of Feb. 19. During this update, the group will also remove version 1.6 and earlier versions of Java, as they are no longer supported and pose a security risk to the site. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the IT Helpdesk, x7155.

JLab Calendar of Events

Feb. 11: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
Feb. 25: Safety Shoe vendor onsite
March 2: Virginia Regional Middle School Science Bowl
March 5: Science Series: Guesstimating
March 17-19: C-REX Workshop