Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs January 28, 2009

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs

January 28, 2009

12 GeV Upgrade

A review of the movable support carriage for the five superconducting magnets and the shield house for the detector package of Hall C’s Super High Momentum Spectrometer was held in December. The committee expressed a high confidence level in the design team and validated the feasibility of the design. There were no recommendations, but a detailed list of observations was given as a punch list for completing the reference design for the procurement phase.


In Hall A, experiments E06-010, Measurement of Single Target-Spin Asymmetry in Semi-Inclusive Pion- Electroproduction on a Transversely Polarized 3He Target, and E07-013, Target Normal Single-Spin Asymmetry in Inclusive DIS n(e,e') with a polarized 3He Target, have resumed taking production data, two days earlier than on the schedule. E06-010 is on schedule, E07-013, running parasitically, will obtain a poorer accuracy than projected due to the late availability of the BigBite gas Cerenkov detector.

Hall B is in the process of successfully completing the e1-dvcs run. More than 90% of the anticipated data will have been collected by the end of the run. Preparations are underway for the eg1-dvcs run, which will also use a polarized NH3 target.

After some initial problems with quenches at low currents, the polarized target magnet used by the Spin Assymmetries of the Nucleon (SANE) experiment in Hall C has been successfully ramped to full current several times.  During operations with the magnet, the refrigerator, which cools the polarized material to 1 Kelvin, was found to have internal leaks that prevented it from functioning. The refrigerator was removed (this can be done with the magnet cold), but repairs were not successful. A spare refrigerator was brought from UVA. After minor modifications to adapt it to the installed target, this refrigerator was installed and is functioning well. SANE is now taking checkout and calibration data and plans to polarize the NH3 target material soon in order to start production data taking.


The accelerator has been running well. The cavities have also performed well, with low trip rates. Seven hours were spent on Tuesday for machine development beam studies. An unstable Arc4 magnet power supply caused several hours of downtime in order to diagnose and make repairs.

Free-Electron Laser (FEL)

The FEL operated well every day during the week, and FEL staffers made good progress on an important study related to off-axis injection of the electron beam from the injector into the linac. Staff from the FEL Div. and SRF Institute completed initial testing of a new cryounit and observed great performance, including a record maximum acceleration gradient of 32 MV/m in pulsed operation for one of the cavities.

Theory Center

An area presently attracting intense interest, both experimental and theoretical, is the relationship between the spin of the proton and the spins and orbital angular momenta of its constituents. While remarkable progress has been made, especially in the last decade, the discovery and investigation of new concepts have revealed that much more remains to be learned. This progress is discussed in a new, non-technical review article (arXiv:0812.2208 [hep-ph]), and an outlook for the future is offered.

JLab's Safety Numbers

23 Days since Last Recordable Accident (JLab record: 331)
140 Days since Last Lost Workday Accident (JLab record: 676)

JLab Calendar of Events

Jan. 26-30: PAC 34
Feb. 7: Virginia Regional High School Science Bowl
Feb. 15: JSA/JLab Graduate Fellowship Application Deadline
Feb. 15: JSA/Jefferson Lab Sabbatical and Research Leave Support Application Deadline




Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

Be aware that ES&H Manual Chapter 6122 Appendix T2 Fire Protection: Hot Work Permit has been revised. The most significant change deals with Hot Work Permit sign-offs. Previously, supervisors could issue, sign and post hot work permits; the recently approved guidance now requires that the lab's Fire Protection Engineer, Dave Kausch, sign off and post all hot work permits. This change was driven by a finding from the recent Fire Protection Program Assessment and allows the site owner of the Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems to maintain awareness and control of conditions that could affect both systems.

Hot Work Permits can be completed electronically and e-mailed to Dave Kausch, at which point he will print, sign and post the document in the appropriate area. If he is offsite, John Reisbeck and Bob Rice, in that order, have sign off and posting authority.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI)

JLab Computer Purchasing Policy (EPEAT)
To improve energy efficiency and to meet new contract requirements, when purchasing a desktop computer, laptop computer or computer monitor, only Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registered products rated SILVER or above may be procured. A list of approved systems for purchase is available online. If you have any questions, contact Andy Kowalski at or x6224.


General Access RWP Due Jan. 30 for All Radiation Workers
The new General Access RWP for 2009 is now in effect. You must read and electronically sign this document by Jan. 31 to continue to have access to the accelerator site. The RWP is accessible on the web-based training webpage. The document number is KD0003. If you have trouble with the sign-up process or have any other questions, contact Keith Welch or Becky Mosbrucker.

JLab Meeting Rooms Locked After Core Business Hours for Property Protection
Common-use meeting rooms not being used in the evening are locked after core business hours. If you need access to a locked conference or meeting room, coordinate with your division or work group administrator for assistance. Administrators have keys to these common-use meeting rooms. If rooms are needed after-hours, call the guards at x5822; they will unlock the meeting room when they are available.

Security Refresher Due by Jan. 30 for JLab Staff and Students
This is a reminder to all JLab staff and students with keys to JLab facilities, that you must have completed the 2009 version of GEN034, Annual Security Awareness, before close-of-business Friday, Jan. 30, or your JLab badge won't allow you access to JLab on Monday, Feb. 2. You can verify that this training is up-to-date by reviewing your Skill Requirements List. This course can be accessed at any time on the web-based training page; scroll down and click on Security Awareness for Employees and Subcontractors to start the program. Users receive an individual  e-mail notification to complete GEN034U, Security Awareness for Users, when their security refresher is due.

Tech Stockroom Reopens Feb. 1
The JLab Technical Stockroom is set to reopen Feb. 1 under the management of Bill Brisiel in Facilities Management & Logistics. This change will provide a greater variety of commonly needed materials on site. Click for more information.

Come Out and Play on the JLab Softball Team
All are invited to try their hand with a bat and glove. JLab is forming its 2008 coed team to play in the York County Parks and Recreation Industrial League. Games are played Friday evenings at Chisman Field. Each week, two hour-long games are played. Please bring a glove and eagerness to play. Practices will likely begin in late March, with games scheduled to begin in April. So come join us for some coed fun. To sign up, contact Kandice Carter by Friday, Jan. 30.

Be a BEAMS Volunteer!
BEAMS needs volunteers over the next few weeks to help with or lead the following activities: The Solar System, Cold Stuff and Go-Far Cars. For more info or to volunteer, contact Christine Wheeler, Science Education, or x7560.

American Red Cross Blood Drive Results
The Jan. 23 Red Cross Blood Drive was very successful! A total of 58 people signed up to donate blood, with one first-time donor. Several people were deferred for various reasons; however, the Red Cross still collected 47 pints of whole blood and four donations of red cells using the Double Red process, exceeding the lab's goal of 50 units! JLab donors made a significant contribution to the American Red Cross. "We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone that participated and volunteered with this blood drive and congratulate you for a job well done!" said Johnie Banks, Occupational Medicine.

HRSD Seeks Applications for Pollution Prevention Award
The Hampton Roads Sanitation District seeks applications for the 2008 HRSD Pollution Prevention Awards, recognizing industrial and commercial dischargers for outstanding multi-media P2 efforts. HRSD seeks nominations that look beyond traditional treatment, control and disposal methods, and instead, focuses on source reduction techniques (ways to avoid generating waste). Emphasis is on wastewater discharges, but other media (air and land) are given strong consideration. If you have a submission suggestion, contact Linda Even at x7308 or by Friday, Jan. 30. You will need to provide a description of the project, program or technology.



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