Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs July 13, 2011

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
July 13, 2011

12 GeV Upgrade

The 2011 six-month shutdown planning efforts included safety integration. Required pre-shutdown safety training was established and provided for construction workers and contract labor staff. Planning for required permits is identified in the six-month shutdown installation schedule and communicated at weekly progress meetings for the following week’s activities. The pre-shutdown safety meeting included safety awareness for 12 GeV construction projects, as well as a video highlighting some of the 12 GeV project-related work.


In Hall A, the installation continues on schedule; most parts for the septum stand have arrived, the F2Z beamline stand has arrived, and work is nearing completion on the cryogenics. The PAC submission deadline has passed, and there are four new Hall A proposals and one conditional proposal, plus three already-approved proposals being graded by the upcoming PAC. Hall A staffers are in the process of writing technical reviews for the four new and one conditional proposals.


Work on the injector experiment (PEPPo) continues, with detector tests over the weekend using a check source. In the west arc, magnet and beam pipe re-installation continues; the vacuum pump down and leak checks have all rated okay; arc 10 magnet and girder alignments are progressing, and the west arc Personnel Safety System segmentation gate has been re-installed. In the east arc, magnet removal from arcs 7 and 9 has been completed ahead of schedule, so the decision was then made to begin the removal of magnets from arc 5; meanwhile, completed magnets are now being re-installed. The installation of the high-power radiofrequency power supply in the South Linac Service Building is moving nicely; 2L24 is almost complete, and the klystron hoist was moved over to 2L25; the 2L26 power supply has been delivered and moved into place.

Free-Electron Laser

Injector work continued with good progress this week. The new valve upstream of the quarter cryomodule passed the leak-through test, allowing the superconducting radiofrequency and the Central Helium Liquefier crews to cool down the injector quarter cryomodule. The cooldown to 4 Kelvin was successful, with no evidence of helium leaking into the insulating vacuum or into the beamline at the 10-9 Torr level. A beamline viewer was installed in the injector beamline, and the whole injector was pumped down. The gun bake is nearly complete.

Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics

Motivated by the desire to study resonances using lattice QCD, researchers in the JLab Theory Center have developed methods to efficiently study excited mesons with non-zero momentum in lattice QCD. These techniques will enable more precise determinations of a wider range of resonant phenomena, as well as allowing the Q2 dependence of matrix elements, such as those relevant for form factors, to be mapped out more fully. This work is part of a program of calculations that will provide the ab initio predictions for masses demanded by experiment and inform expected production rates at GlueX and CLAS12.


The cryogenics group reports that it has completed the 12 GeV south linac warm gas piping modifications scheduled for the six-month shutdown. All south linac controls for the C100 cryomodule locations have been completed. Additionally, cryo reports that the CHL #2 refrigerator cold box internal piping is completed, with only pressure testing and insulation to be scheduled. Delivery of the refrigerator is scheduled later this fall.

Machine Shop Work Request System Is Live
The new Machine Shop Work Request system is now available online. The system allows customers to use a web-based form to submit a work request online and attach drawings or scanned sketches. This new system will only accept funded projects along with linked organizations. After acceptance of the work order by the shop, it will be assigned a job number. Customers can still come by the shop to submit a paper work order along with any drawings or parts to be modified. However, an electronic work order will be generated at the time of order drop off to confirm project and organization billing codes. Please continue to feel free to come by the shop and discuss any manufacturing needs or problems that you might have. If you have any questions regarding the new system, call Dave McCay, x7300, or Casey Apeldoorn, x5906.




Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

Extension Cord Safety
Extension cords are everyday tools that are sometimes taken for granted. Recently, JLab data trending (from the Corrective Action Tracking System and Safety Observation Reports) has shown an increase in issues relating to extension cords. To prevent future issues with safety cord use, make sure to address these important points any time you use an extension cord:

  • Check for damaged insulation
  • Check for missing ground pins
  • Protect cords from physical damage
  • Don’t let cords become a trip hazard


Lunchtime Seminar on July 19 for Managing Stress in the Workplace
This bring-your-own-lunch seminar will take place in CEBAF Center room F113, noon-1 p.m. on Tuesday, July 19. The class reviews some basic concepts about stress and its effects on an individual. You will gain tips on how to recognize and manage workplace stress. Registration is required due to limited space. To sign up, contact Betty Beeler, x6999, or Bruce Ullman, x7170.

American Red Cross Blood Drive
The next American Red Cross Blood Drive is scheduled for Wednesday, July 27, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. in CEBAF Center, Room F113. New and repeat donors are encouraged to attend. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome. To schedule an appointment, contact Johnie Banks, x7539.

Tracking Thomas at JLab
Little Thomas is visiting all corners of the JLab campus. If you can identify his location this week, email Kandice Carter with your guess. Guesses are accepted through Fridays.

Congratulations to Henry Robertson, who was the first person to correctly identify the July 6 location. Honorable mentions go out to Lorelei Carlson, Mike Davis, Andre Newman, Stephanie Vermeire, Dave Fazenbaker, Jason Willoughby, Dena Polyhronakis, Harry Fanning, Dick Owen, John Heckman, Deborah Dowd, Doug Higinbotham and Jodi Patient. Check out the Tracking Thomas webpage for a better view of his last location and this week's new mystery photo.

JLab Calendar of Events

July 14: Student Seminar - Discovery of the Quark
July 29: Summer Intern Programs Poster Session
Aug. 4: Cryogenics Seminar
Aug. 16: Cryogenics Seminar
Aug. 22-26: PAC 38
Sept. 5: Labor Day holiday; JLab closed