Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs July 23, 2014

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
July 23, 2014


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, July 14-18

  • A. Calle Cordón et al. "The Nc dependencies of baryon masses: Analysis with Lattice QCD and Effective Theory." Phys. Rev. D 90, 014505 (2014).
  • O. Moreno et al. "Semi-inclusive charged-current neutrino-nucleus reactions." Phys. Rev. D 90, 013014 (2014).
  • A. Deur et al. "High precision determination of the Q2-evolution of the Bjorken Sum." Phys. Rev. D 90, 012009 (2014).

Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.


A new paper discusses the inclusive production of hadrons in lepton-nucleon scattering in twist-3 collinear factorization at leading order in perturbation theory. The results for the left-right asymmetry agree in sign with recent data for charged pion production from the HERMES Collaboration and from Jefferson Lab (although the magnitude is larger). Predictions are given for future experiments at Jefferson Lab and highlight in particular the unique opportunities at a future Electron Ion Collider.

Facilities Management and Logistics

Jefferson Lab Annual Property Inventory Is Underway
The annual property inventory starts the week of July 14 and runs through September 12. The property manager has randomly selected 20 percent of Jefferson Lab's property custodians for this year's property inventory. Those custodians will be contacted by a member of the property staff. In addition, any custodians that did not complete their annual property validation will also be included in the inventory group for this year.

To complete the inventory, each item must be physically seen by a member of the property office. Note that the property custodian is responsible for knowing the location of and searching for, if needed, their assigned property, not the property staff. Property staff will go to the location identified for each item during the property validation to inventory the property. The assigned custodian will be notified of any item not located at its specified location, and the item will be reported as "missing" until the item is physically located by the custodian and verified by property staff. If you have questions, contact Christian Whalen at x5899.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

July 28-31: Program Advisory Committee Meeting (PAC42)
August 5-7: 2014 Accelerator Safety Workshop
August 18: Safety Shoe Vendor onsite
August 18-19: Q-weak Collaboration
August 26-28: Accelerator Readiness Review
Sept. 1: Labor Day, Jefferson Lab closed

Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

Summer Safety Tip for the Home
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention summarized the 2012 data for injuries, mostly to children and teenagers, from swimming pool chemicals. Many people think that chemicals for use at home are not harmful, but that is far from the truth. Sometimes, the strength of a home chemical is slightly less than industrial strength, so home-use chemicals can still cause serious injuries. Nearly 5,000 emergency room visits in 2012 were caused by pool chemicals, with nearly half occurring on the weekend.

Residential pool owners should follow these steps to prevent pool chemical injuries (source: CDC):

  • Read and follow directions on product labels;
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment, such as goggles and masks (not the swimming type), as directed, when handling pool chemicals;
  • Secure pool chemicals to protect people and animals;
  • Keep young children away when handling chemicals;
  • Never mix different pool chemicals with each other, especially chlorine products with acid;
  • Pre-dissolve pool chemicals only when directed by product label;
  • Add pool chemicals to water, never water to pool chemicals; and
  • Do not allow children to handle pool chemicals.


Learn About Measurement and Test Equipment at Jefferson Lab
Equipment used to record data during work activities, such as inspections, acceptance testing, data collection, process monitoring, etc., is considered Measurement and Test Equipment (M&TE). This type of equipment requires calibration at appropriate intervals to ensure accuracy. Jefferson Lab’s Quality Assurance/Continuous Improvement (QA/CI) department is authorized to pay for M&TE calibration services for the lab. Come learn how to take advantage of this benefit and other requirements unique to M&TE in a meeting held by the QA/CI department on Thursday, July 24, in CEBAF Center room F113 at 2:30 p.m. Anyone who is responsible for M&TE at Jefferson Lab can benefit from learning more about such topics as how to identify M&TE that requires calibration, appropriate calibration intervals, and the purchase and storage of M&TE. If you would like more information about this meeting, contact Mary Jo Bailey, x7277.

Jefferson Lab Photo Requests
If you need photos for a specific Jefferson Lab work application or would like a photo of your conference or workshop group, you can request to sign out a point-and-shoot digital camera to take your application, group or event photos. After you take the photos, return the camera to Public Affairs staff, and the photos will be downloaded, processed and a link will be emailed to you for retrieving your photos.

Please notify Public Affairs staff as soon as possible, and at least five business days in advance, before you want to sign out a camera. Your request should be emailed to Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The point-and-shoot digital camera can be signed out for up to one full day, and the person signing it out is responsible for it until it is returned to Public Affairs.

TIAA-CREF Financial Education and Retirement Planning Resources
Jefferson Lab's investment service provider, TIAA-CREF, now offers multiple financial and retirement planning webinars covering a range of topics to assist you with planning and saving for retirement. Each webinar averages about 30-45 minutes in duration and is offered at no cost to the employee. In addition, TIAA-CREF continues to offer multiple resources for employee retirement planning to all regular and term employees. You can find detailed information about these services in the full all-staff memo.

Department of Energy Sponsors Food Drive July 7-31
The Department of Energy is again participating in the “Feds Feed Families” food drive this year. At Jefferson Lab, the Thomas Jefferson Site Office (TJSO) will be collecting donations from its federal employees to benefit the Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula. There is no expectation of Jefferson Lab employee participation in this program, although anyone wishing to contribute may do so. If interested, items most needed include: canned meats (fish, ham, chicken, beef stew, etc.), canned fruits and vegetables, complete meals (boxed meals, pasta and sauce, mac and cheese, etc.), boxed cereals, rice, granola bars, peanut butter and hygiene products (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, diapers, etc.). No glass containers will be accepted. Marked donation boxes for non-perishable food items will be located in the CEBAF Center lobby, July 7-31. For more information on Feds Feed Families, visit the website or contact Steve Neilson, x7215.


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