Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs June 25, 2008

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs

June 25, 2008

12 GeV Upgrade

The design effort on the conventional facilities to support the 12 GeV CEBAF Upgrade is near completion. JLab Facilities & Logistics personnel are incorporating design review comments for the FY10 and FY11 procurements and completing the design of an FY12 procurement. The focus has turned to preparations for the Department of Energy, Director of Project Assessment Independent Project Review (IPR) of the 12 GeV Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) Upgrade Project scheduled for July 22-24 and the acquisition of the FY09 procurements. The Hall D Complex Selection Committee convened this week and started the evaluation of construction contractors’ qualification proposals. The commissioning plans consisting of the functional performance checklists for the Hall D Complex and CHL Addition are complete.


A site-wide power event that occurred on Sunday was caused by a temporary failure of Dominion Power gear. This resulted in a loss of power to many pieces of equipment onsite, causing the equipment to trip breakers (including the 40MVA substation and the 4160V transformer that supplies the cryogenics equipment). Numerous staff members worked diligently on Monday (June 23) to bring all of the equipment back online. In the injector, Gun 3 was reconditioned. Substation planned maintenance continued around the site, as each substation was shut down, maintenance work performed, and the unit brought back into service. The Central Helium Liquefier is now completely off the Main Cold Box, with the Standby Refrigerator taking its place online.


Progress is being made on reassembling the FEL gun, and a mild bake on the gun test stand is proceeding to reduce background water so as to improve quantum efficiency (QE) lifetime. Several user labs have been certified for laser ops and training, and certification for the new Laser Personnel Protection System is proceeding. FEL staff began mounting magnet girders for the amplifier/ultraviolet leg.


Properties of bound nucleons (deep inelastic structure functions, elastic form factors, etc.) are modified by the nuclear medium. Using the results of the Quark-Meson Coupling model, which predicts these modifications, and assuming that the bound nucleon generalized parton distributions are modified in proportion to the corresponding bound nucleon elastic form factors, a new approach was developed by Theory Center staff (arXiv:0806.3288 [hep-ph]) to calculate the effect of medium modifications on observables measured in deeply virtual Compton scattering (DVCS). As an example, incoherent DVCS on 4He is studied in the 4He(e,e'γp)X reaction, which will be measured in the near future at JLab, and predictions are made for the pattern of the xB- and t-dependence of the ratio of the bound to free proton beam-spin asymmetries, ALUp*(φ)/ALUp(φ).

JLab's Safety Numbers

254 Days since Last Recordable Accident (JLab record: 319)
599 Days since Last Lost Workday Accident (JLab record: 599)

JLab Calendar of Events

June 30-July 2: Science & Technology Review
July 4: Independence Day Holiday (JLab closed)
July 8-10: DOE ES&H Inspection - Report Validation and Closeout
July 10-11: Teacher-to-Teacher Workshop at JLab
July 14-19: Lattice 2008
July 22-24: DOE Office of Science OPA Independent Project Review of the 12 GeV CEBAF Upgrade Project
July 22-25: Thin Film - Superconducting Radiofrequency Technology Workshop




Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

There are about 140,000 disabling eye injuries every year from work-related causes. Most of these injuries, as many as 90 percent, were easily preventable. Proper eye protection, worn correctly, is all that's needed to protect eyes from many hazards. Here are a few good tips regarding eye protection:


  • If something can poke you in the eye, splash into it, fall or be hurled into it, you need eye protection.
  • Observe mandatory eye-protection rules whether you are performing or observing the task.
  • Select eye protection that's appropriate for the hazard; make sure it provides a good barrier.
  • Replace eye protection when it's damaged. Chips or scratches deep enough to feel with your fingernail have compromised the strength of the lens.


An article about how eye protection saved one JLab employee's eyesight can be found in the JLab OnTarget newsletter.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Networking Changes in CEBAF Center
This summer, the CEBAF Center network is being changed to allow network ports to automatically recognize registered computers when they are connected. Users of unregistered computers may need to contact the HelpDesk for assistance on the day the changes go into effect in your area.


Here is the schedule for upcoming changes:


  • Tuesday July 8: CEBAF Center F Wing 2nd floor
  • Tuesday July 15: CEBAF Center F Wing 1st and 3rd floors
  • Tuesday July 22: CEBAF Center C Wing
  • Tuesday July 29: The rest of CEBAF Center, including Wings A and B


Individual machines may be registered here at any time by using a web browser on that machine. If you are unsure about your machine registration, it is fine to register again. Please contact the HelpDesk, x7155, about other registration-related queries.


Another Phishing Scam
Once again, JLab was the target of a phishing attack. As you know, a phishing attack is usually an e-mail sent to JLab e-mail account holders requesting confidential information, such as usernames and passwords, to be provided via e-mail or a separate web page. Be aware that the Computer Center will never require you to send your password via e-mail. If you have any doubts about a request received by e-mail, please contact the HelpDesk to make sure it is valid before submitting any confidential information.


Summer TLD Change Out is Friday
The semi-annual TLD change out for all badge racks will take place after 5 p.m. on Friday, June 27. If you have a JLab radiation badge, be sure to place your badge in its designated badge rack slot before you leave work on Friday. Please be aware that RadCon is switching to a different dosimeter supplier. Your dosimeter will look different, but it will still collect the same data as before. All current dosimeters must be collected as soon as possible, starting on Friday, June 27. If you have questions, contact Becky Mosbrucker, x7236.

JSA Initiatives Fund Website Update
The JSA Initiatives Fund website has been updated. JSA partners – the Southeastern Universities Research Association and Computer Sciences Corporation/Applied Technologies Division – established the JSA Initiatives Fund to support programs, initiatives and activities that further the scientific outreach, and promote the science, education and technology missions of Jefferson Lab in ways that complement its basic and applied research focus. Initiatives Fund awards are for those projects that benefit the JLab user community and leverage the commitments of others.

Red Cross Accepting Donations for Flood Relief
The American Red Cross is asking for donations to continue its flood relief efforts for those hardest hit in the Midwest. Donations may be made directly to the Red Cross on its website.



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