Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs - June 29, 2016

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
June 29, 2016

12 GeV Upgrade

The Hall B CLAS12 Torus magnet has been made leak tight and has been pumping down the past few weeks. Progress is slow but steady as the trapped gas inside the magnet’s vacuum space is removed. The gas being removed is about 80 percent water vapor, which is known to be slow to evolve from the multi-layer insulation in the vacuum space. The second review for the Torus cooldown was held on June 27. The in-situ checkout is ongoing for the control logic and instrument readouts for the magnet. Various display, control and alarm screens for operators are being tried out.

The copper cooling strips needed to connect the epoxied surfaces of the two inner coils of the CLAS12 Solenoid have been attached to the helium-filled channel at the center of their winding bobbin. The temperature and strain gauges are being added to the coils. The fifth, or “Shield”, coil has completed its epoxy-impregnation step and has subsequently had its full outer layer of copper cooling strips added. The two conical parts of the end sections of the cryostat have been formed and welded, and the inner bore tube for the cryostat is being prepared.


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, June 20-24

  • A. Rakhman, et al. "A high-finesse Fabry–Perot cavity with a frequency-doubled green laser for precision Compton polarimetry at Jefferson Lab." Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 822, 82.
  • Alberto Accardi, Lucas Brady, Wally Melnitchouk, Jeff Owens, Nobuo Sato Gonzalez. "Constraints on large-x parton distributions from new weak boson production and deep-inelastic scattering data." Phys. Rev. D 93, 114017.
  • Rolf Ent. "TMDs and GPDs at a future Electron-Ion Collider." European Physical Journal A 52, 162.
Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

Publications Training and Refresher Course
Did you know that Jefferson Lab must submit the final, peer reviewed, accepted manuscripts to the Department of Energy? See the link for information on how to do this or come to the next Publications Training and Refresher course on Thursday, July 14, at 2 p.m. in CEBAF Center room F224-225. In this session, authors will learn how to submit manuscripts to the Publications Review and Approval System, how to make recommended revisions to papers during the signature process, and how to add the relevant information once the paper is published. If you plan to attend, contact Kim Edwards at by Wednesday, July 13.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

July 4: Independence Day holiday, Jefferson Lab closed
July 27: DOE Inspector General Procurement Fraud Awareness
July 27-29: 7th International Workshop on Thin Films and New Ideas for Pushing the Limits of RF Superconductivity

2016 Summer Physics, Science Education, Enrichment Programs at JLab
May 30-August 5: SULI/REU summer undergraduate internships
June 27-August 5: High School Summer Honors Program internships
August 5: Summer interns poster session
August 8-12: Physical Science Investigation Teacher Program
August 15-19: Science Camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth

Environment, Health, Safety and Quality

Jefferson Lab Lessons Learned from the Feb. 24 Tornado Weather Event
Midway through the afternoon on Feb. 24, 2016, parts of eastern Virginia and northern North Carolina were struck by tornadoes that developed when a line of strong thunderstorms moved across the region. The severe weather event provided an opportunity for Jefferson Lab’s Emergency Manager, Tina Menefee, to evaluate the lab’s response to the Tornado Watch and the subsequent Tornado Warning, identify problem areas and initiate corrective actions.

There are several good tips that the Jefferson Lab community can take away from the event. See the full list of lessons learned in the all-staff memo.


DOE Best Practices Document Posted
According to U.S. Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, the Department of Energy is in the business of solving complex problems each and every day. While solutions to scientific challenges may be diverse, many of the challenges faced in the operation of the DOE share common attributes despite varied missions, organizations and geography. The DOE Best Practices documents are being shared across the DOE complex, so that the department and its operating entities may capitalize on the many creative and successful practices that have been developed. You can access the current reference documents compiled by DOE’s Office of Enterprise Assessments on the website. The initiative is an ongoing. If you have a success story that you would like to share, see the DOE link for information on sharing with the Strategic Best Practices Initiative.

Personal Dosimeter Change Out Set for Friday, July 1
Jefferson Lab's semi-annual personal dosimeter change out will take place during the morning of Friday, July 1. This includes the dosimeters of all staff, students, users and subcontractors. Be sure to put your dosimeter in its assigned place in the dosimeter racks no later than 10 a.m. on July 1. If you need to use your dosimeter during the change out period on July 1, you may exchange it that morning in the Radiation Control Dosimetry Office located in the ARC Library before 10 a.m. If you are leaving for an extended Independence Day holiday break, be sure to put your dosimeter in its assigned rack before departing. If you have any questions about he change out, contact Becky Mosbrucker, 269-7236.

Tornado Warning Siren Test Set for 10:30 a.m. on Friday, July 1
Jefferson Lab's tornado warning siren will undergo its monthly operational test at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, July 1. Don't respond to the siren; this is a test of the siren system and not a personnel response exercise. Individuals planning to be in the Central Materials Storage Area (where the siren is located) while the test is taking place must have with them and wear two layers of hearing protection.

Radiation Worker II Class Offered July 12
The Radiation Control Department will hold a Radiation Worker II class on Tuesday, July 12, 9 a.m.-noon in Applied Research Center room 231. This course is required for anyone needing to work in Contamination Areas. Interested individuals must already be Radiation Worker I qualified to sign up for this course. Registration deadline for this course is Friday, July 8. To sign up, contact Maya Keller at

Inspector General’s Office to Give Fraud Awareness Briefing July 27
A representative from the Department of Energy Inspector General’s Office will be at Jefferson Lab on Wednesday, July 27, to raise awareness about criminal fraud. The presentation will highlight current trends in procurement fraud, and the types of complaints being reported to the DOE IG Hotline. The briefing will take place 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. in ARC building, conference room 231/233. Seating is somewhat limited, so this presentation is first-come, first-served. It is open to anyone affiliated with Jefferson Lab. For more information, contact Kris Burrows at
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