Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs June 3, 2009

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs

June 3, 2009

12 GeV Upgrade

The 12 GeV Upgrade Project has awarded a contract for the 4-meter dipole magnets to be used in the arc 10 beamline and the beamline to Hall D. In addition, the responses to the requests for the Best and Final Offers have been received for the beamline quadrupole magnet fabrication. Technical evaluation of the final submittals for the superconducting radiofrequency cavity fabrication contract has been completed. A design and safety review of the low-level RF controls was held on May 21; the review committee’s comments were positive.


In Hall A, production running for experiment E05-102, Measuring the Transverse Asymmetries in the 3He (e,e'd) Reaction, has been proceeding very smoothly.

The eg1-dvcs run is running smoothly, with the polarized target operating without problems in Hall B. The lost time, due to mechanical damage of the target during the first week, has been partially recovered. Hall B is at about 85 percent of its planned scenario at this time during the run. If things continue this way, the goal for this run should be achieved by the end of the run on June 13.

In Hall C, installation of the hypernuclear experiment continues with the High Resolution Kaon Spectrometer and the High Resolution Electron Spectrometer aligned into their final positions (including the tilt of the HES). The stand for the splitter magnet is in place and ready for splitter installation. The walls of the spectrometer shielding bunkers are mostly in place, and the personnel access platforms for both spectrometers are in place. Installation of detectors has started. The HKS wire chambers are installed and aligned.


The accelerator is running well, and Halls A & B received more than 170 hours of beam. There were two minor magnet problems, one with MARC1A, which was quickly fixed. The other problem was with the shunt magnet MYRAT03, which required a control module to be replaced. This period was marked overall by very smooth beam delivery to the two halls.

Free-Electron Laser (FEL)

Repairs to the low-conductivity water system were finished, and the system is being brought back into operation. FEL staffers provided first beam on Friday and will try to re-establish the robust and stable operation achieved before the lcw system failure. Staffers also held an external review of plans for a soft X-ray FEL. The ideas were well received, and a number of actions were identified to prepare a proposal for submission to DOE in September.

Theory Center

The leading-twist pion distribution amplitude (DA) describes the sharing (in fractions x and 1-x) of the total momentum of a fast-moving pion, when the pion is just a quark-antiquark pair. A possibility is investigated in <arXiv:0906.0323 [hep-ph]> that the pion DA is constant for all values of x. Such a model is shown to reproduce the recent large-Q2 BaBar data on the photon-pion transition form factor, considered the simplest observable to extract the pion DA, and can be used in the future to calculate other processes.

JLab's Safety Numbers

149 Days since Last Recordable Accident (JLab record: 331)
266 Days since Last Lost Workday Accident (JLab record: 676)




Environment, Safety, Health & Quality

With the weather starting to turn warmer, many of us are starting another year of yard work. The American Society of Hand Therapists suggests some basic gardening safety practices. It is important to remember that yard/gardening activities involve many repetitive tasks such as raking, weeding, digging and pruning. You can help avoid injuries by following these safety tips:

  • Always wear gloves: The soil is full of bacteria and fungus that could cause an infection in a small irritation or cut in your skin;
  • Keep you arms covered, too. Coverage protects you against the sun, poison ivy, and other small residents (rodents or spiders) of your garden or yard;
  • Use wide-handled, lightweight tools. Tools with padded or thicker handles protect the smaller joints in your hands;
  • Take a break about every hour or switch to another activity. Repetitive motions, such as digging, can cause tendonitis of the elbow or lead to carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Use tools to dig in new areas. Buried sharp objects can cut or puncture your skin;
  • Avoid the habit of sitting back on your knees. Bending your knees this far is a hard position for the knee joints. Instead, use a short gardening stool or bench;
  • Plan you activities. Consider using a small cart or wagon to carry supplies; some even provide convenient seating. Always put tools away to prevent anyone from tripping over them.

During April, JLab’s Quality Assurance Program was assessed by a team of four DOE representatives. The objective of this review was to evaluate how well JSA has implemented the Quality Assurance Program, in accordance with the Quality Assurance Order, DOE O 414.1C, which is part of the JSA management and operating contract. The review concluded that eight of the 10 criteria evaluated were met, and two criteria were partially met. The program was found to be programmatically compliant. The outcome represents a significant milestone and progress toward successful implementation of the JSA-JLab QA Program. A broad spectrum of JLab personnel were involved in this assessment and are commended for their participation and involvement.


JLab Emergency Backup Website Reminder
JLab has an emergency website that will be used in the event that its website,, is shut down due to an emergency. The emergency website is hosted offsite and can be found at: The website, which is still in the development stages, will be used to post important information for Users and staff during a local or regional emergency. Please save and remember this address.

Specialty Gases Lab Truck Visit
On Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m., GTS-Welco will have its mobile lab truck for specialty gases onsite in the Test Lab parking lot. All employees interested are welcome to tour the mobile lab and talk with the representative to receive information on the latest developments in special gas delivery systems and cryogenics.

Trailer #35 Has Moved
The home of the Industrial Hygiene Group, Trailer #35, has been moved to a new location on the accelerator site behind Hall B. For questions or concerns, contact Jennifer Williams at x7882 or Dick Owen at x6381.

Timely Timesheets Aid Salary Adjustment Process
In order for Payroll to begin processing the salary adjustments, it is imperative that employee timesheets for the June 1-15 timesheet period be completed and received in Finance by the set deadlines. Employee timesheets are always due at the end of the employee's last work day of the timesheet period. If employees are absent, supervisors are responsible for completing the employees' timesheets by this same deadline. Supervisor and project manager approvals on the timesheets are always due no later than 2 p.m. on the first work day following the last day of the timesheet period.

Watch for Construction Traffic Entering/Exiting JLab
Construction traffic is using Hogan and the access road on the east side of the Residence Facility to access the Hall D construction area. Please be alert to slow-moving or oversized construction vehicles moving in and out of the area. Use caution when driving through the intersection of Hogan and Rattley Road just east of the Residence Facility. Please obey all traffic signs.

JLab Calendar of Events

June 1-19: HUGS 2009
June 2-4: 53nd Annual Materials Management Workshop
June 8-10: Users Group Workshop and Annual Meeting
June 17: JLab Colloquium and Public Lecture, CC auditorium, 4 p.m.
July 1: Due date for several physics award applications
July 3: JLab closed for Independence Day

Summer Education Calendar
June 1-19: HUGS 2009 - Hampton University Graduate Students
May 26-July 31: SULI - Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship
May 26 - July 31: REU - Research Experience for Undergraduates
June 18 - July 31: HSSHP - High School Summer Honors Program
July 7 - 31: DOE ACTS - Academies Creating Teacher Scientists