Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs June 8, 2016

Jefferson Lab Weekly Briefs
June 8, 2016

12 GeV Upgrade

Bids have gone out to potential vendors for the downstream support structure for the Central Time of Flight detector for CLAS12 and for the installation arm and transport strong-back needed to install CTOF slats into the solenoid magnet bore. These are the last outstanding items needed to complete the detector fabrication part of CLAS12. The other item needed for the CTOF, the light fiber bundle to distribute monitoring laser light to the CTOF slats, is due to arrive this month. Cabling and in-situ checkout of the installed six sectors of the Low Threshold Cerenkov Counter and four sectors of the Forward TOF panel 2 is complete. The remaining fast electronic modules, the crate trigger processors, needed to complete the DAQ and triggering systems for Hall B are in mass production this month and are expected to arrive for production testing during July. Finally, the mechanical design and construction blueprints are being produced for the tungsten-based Moeller-electron shield, which is needed to shield the downstream detectors in CLAS12 from that source of background hits.

Work continues in France on the magnets for the Super High Momentum Spectrometer. The outer vessel of the dipole magnet has received a temporary seal, and pumps are in use to create a vacuum inside it. The volume is large, and the joints requiring a seal are long, so this process has been difficult and time consuming. Once it is accomplished, the vendor can verify the integrity of the nitrogen and helium systems inside the magnet. A small leak in a part of the Q2 magnet's nitrogen system has delayed installation of its bore tube and vacuum tank end flanges, but the main helium and nitrogen supply and return pipes, which enter through the neck of the magnet, have been welded, checked and covered with insulation. The last piece of cryogenic piping in Q3, a small bellows, is being welded into place. In Hall C, plans are being made for receiving the dipole magnet’s cryo-control reservoir in early June and for rigging the heavy magnet onto the spectrometer and connecting it to the CCR. The dipole and Q2 are expected to arrive in August. The SHMS collimator box has been installed, and work is proceeding on improvements to the magnet helium gas systems on both spectrometers.


Jefferson Lab Published Journal Articles, May 31-June 3

  • Douglas W. Higinbotham, Al Amin Kabir, Vincent Lin, David Meekins, Blaine Norum and Brad Sawatzky. "Proton radius from electron scattering data." Phys. Rev. C 93, 055207.
Remember to submit your papers for approval to the Jefferson Lab Publications database.

American Physical Society Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics Call for Nominations
The award consists of $2,500 and an allowance for travel to the annual Spring Meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Society, at which the award will be presented. Nominations are open to any person who has received a Ph.D. degree in experimental or theoretical nuclear physics from a North American university within the two-year period preceding July 1, 2016. Nominations are due by July 1. Nomination information is available on the APS website.

Facilities Management and Logistics

Inventory of Personal Property Is Underway
The annual physical inventory of personal property began June 6. It’s recommended that all Jefferson Lab Property Custodians, which includes anyone who is assigned Jefferson Lab property, be prepared to make items available for this process and to excess any items that the custodian no longer needs for business purposes.

If you have items on your property list that you no longer need, you may excess these items via the website. Simply click on the tag number for the item, and then click the "Relocate/Transfer/Excess this item" button. You can access your property list via the search function here.

If you would like to excess any other items that are not on your property list and do not have a numbered (F123456) property tag -- such as desks, chairs, old trailers, carts, spools, etc. -- you may do so using the link.

Property Custodians are reminded that you may not dispose of items in the Central Material Storage Area without first communicating with Property Management. If you need assistance, contact Danielle Tarver, x7025, or Tim Wagner, x7348. Items in good condition that are excessed via the processes above are being made available for re-use by Property Management for Jefferson Lab Property Custodians. These items are available only for use on-site for Jefferson Lab business purposes and are still Government Property.

Environment, Health, Safety and Quality

Occ Med Guidance: Returning to Work After a Respiratory Infection
In recent weeks, Occupational Medicine staffers have received questions about the criteria for safe return to work during convalescence from upper respiratory infections (such as a cold with cough). This can be a difficult decision, and it's not necessary or feasible to require yourself to be completely asymptomatic before returning to work. See the full guidance from Dr. Smitty Chandler.

Information on 3D Mammography
Jefferson Lab Site Occupational Medicine Director, Dr. Smitty Chandler, has issued a notice to call attention to the existence of 3D mammography. He notes that this technology has become more available since its introduction in 2010, and evidence is accumulating that it might provide important scientific advantages, along with possible logistical and expense-related disadvantages. Learn more about the technology by visiting the links provided on We Hear That.

Computing and Networking Infrastructure

Upcoming Jefferson Lab Pager Audit
If you carry a Jefferson Lab-issued pager, you will soon receive an email with instructions for completing a brief online audit. This is for one-way pagers and Kyocera Duraplus texting devices and does not apply to cell phones, which will be audited separately at another time. This audit helps the lab to control the monthly recurring cost associated with pagers by identifying those that are no longer needed. If you have any questions about the audit, contact Morgan Anderson, x7799.


Volunteers Sought to Help During Science Camp
Most slots for the Aug. 15-19 session of Jefferson Lab’s Science Camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students are filled, and Science Education staff members are seeking volunteers (from high-school students to grandparents) who are willing to assist students in completing activities and as lunch time escorts. Volunteers do not need any experience working or interacting with deaf or hard of hearing youth. A volunteer meeting will be held to discuss all of the activities and basic volunteer duties. See the full announcement for signup information.

Pressure Systems Safety Awareness (SAF 130A) Training June 15 Session Location Changed
The Pressure Systems Safety Awareness (SAF130A) course will cover basic considerations and provide insight into the required process for the design, fabrication, testing, inspection, maintenance, repair and operation of pressure systems. SAF130A will be offered on Wednesday, June 15, at 1:30 p.m. in CEBAF Center room F224-225. To sign up for a class, log in and register for SAF130A in the Learning Management System.

Jefferson Lab Calendar of Events

June 20-22: Users Group Workshop and Annual Meeting
June 23-24: Hall A/C Collaboration Meeting
June 23-24: A New Era for Hadro-Particle Physics
July 4: Independence Day holiday, Jefferson Lab closed
July 27-29: 7th International Workshop on Thin Films and New Ideas for Pushing the Limits of RF Superconductivity

2016 Summer Physics, Science Education, Enrichment Programs at JLab
May 30-August 5: SULI/REU summer undergraduate internships
May 30-June 18: Hampton University Graduate Studies (HUGS)
June 27-August 5: High School Summer Honors Program internships
August 5: Summer interns poster session
August 8-12: Physical Science Investigation Teacher Program
August 15-19: Science Camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth
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